Summary: Qualifications of Pastor/Elder/Overseer

5 Commands/Charges to Timothy


1 Timothy 3:14-15

Tonight I want to discuss

“Conducting yourself in the house of God”

In VS 14 — These things I write.... WHAT THINGS?

VS 1-13... These we’re given as the first part of conducting yourself in house of God

Read VS 1-13

As The pastor of this church---- I HAVE TO KNOW THESE

As a part of this church— YOU HAVE TO KNOW THESE

1st reason... So you can know if the LEADERSHIP is following the blueprint.

2nd reason.. If/ When you’re in leadership.... See if you’re following the blueprint

While these are the benchmark for PASTORS/ELDERS

There great guidelines for all people.

1. Blameless. VS 2

Pastors should be blameless. Blameless doesn’t mean perfect

Blameless.... Am I quick to improve those areas that can damage my integrity?

I am not perfect... close.... I am constantly improving

A lot of Pastors get to a certain point... QUIT... THEY’VE ACHIEVED IT

Then they get into argument, discussion...

Refuse to bend, meet in the middle, change their mind, perspective ...LEAVE/QUIT

I want to be a pastor and be surrounded w/people...IMPROVING THEMSELVES

2. Husband of One Wife... most of them have merit

A. Married to the church.. Catholic... Rest are literal .. Not this one

B. Prohibition of record church practiced, 1 Tim 5:9...

C. Prohibition to Remarried widows.. Lack of self control

D. Prohibition of Divorced...The greek language could communicate...Paul talks about divorce in other parts of Bible

E. Exclusion/ Unmarried overser.... Has a lot of credit..Like performance to family

F. One wife kind of man.... (gr)Mias gunaikos andra Husband of one wife A man who totally devoted spiritually, emotionally, physically... TO ONE WOMAN

3. Temperate, Sober minded, Good Behavior — VS 2

Am I in control of myself.. So I can always be pastor and serve others

4. Hospitable... VS 2... Do I have a warm and welcoming Spirit?

I know pastors that are mean...Not friendly with CHURCH

5. Able to teach... VS 2...

Not how much I know.. Can I help someone in need?

Preachers just wanna get up and tell you what they know..

I wanna tell you What U need to hear

6. Not given to wine...VS 3...

Am I sober and diligent to not be a stumbling block

Where my freedom causes someone else to FALTER

7. Not Violent or Quarrelsome...VS 3... Am I approachable, peaceful disposition

8. Not Greedy or Covetous VS 3...

Am I controlled by money- Run by those w/money

9. Rules own house well..Vs 4-5.

Do I manage my family, before I manage the church.

Pulpit committees.. Demand-Husband 1 WIFE...

They’ll overlook that their KIDS ARE ROTTEN

10. Not a novice...VS 6...

Am I a good example for Christians and non Christians

I’m a better pastor now...

Than I was when I started... NOT A NOVICE

There are times when every not one of these...


You need to know these as Christians...

Following wrong person

VS 14 Paul says, “I wrote you these things, so you know how to conduct yourself in the house of God”

While these are Standard for Pastors/ overseers

They should be used by all christians

Blameless..temperate, good behavior, hospitable, able to teach, not violent/ quarrelsome, Not greedy or covetous, rule our house well

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