Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God’s desire is that no one will perish, but ungodly men desire to escape judgment apart from Christ.

II Peter 3:1-10

December 3, 2008

Pastor John L. Harper

Warden Assembly of God

“Conflicting Desires”

Introduction: Reason for writing (vs. 1-2)

• To recall the words spoken in the past by the prophets

• To recall the command of our Lord and Savior given by the apostles.


A. Following evil desires

1. These will be those who mock God’s Word

2. These will be those follow their evil heart

B. Doubting the return of the Lord

1. They will interpret the delay of the Lord, as denial

2. They will ignore the soon fact of judgment on the earth

C. Forgetting the past destruction

1. They attempt to discredit the flood of Noah

2. They deny that the heavens and earth are held by the Word of God.

3. They deny that destruction will come upon earth and the ungodly men.

II. DESIRE OF GOD (vs. 8-9)

A. He longs to be with His people

1. God does not need time, we do

2. God will keep His promise to be with us

B. He doesn’t want any to perish

1. He is patient

2. He has done everything that needed to be done

C. He wants all to come to repentance

1. He has paid for our sin debt

2. He has given us a place in His Heaven

3. He yearns to see His creation come back to Him


A. To see the coming of the Lord

1. We long for the appearing of the Lord

2. We are living so that we are ready when He comes

3. We don’t know when it will take place

B. To see the heavens and earth renovated

1. Our world is diseased with sin and suffering

2. God is going to renovate it and purge it from sin

C. To see the new heavens and earth

CONCLUSION: What is our desire? Is it God’s desire?

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