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Summary: The Leviathan spirit operates by attacking ministries and people associated within a ministry by stubbornness, rebellion, disobedience, lies, miscommunication, condescending attitudes, self exhaltation.

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1st Corinthians 13:13 says “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these [is] charity”. Charity is Love.

There has been an attack that has come against the church and us as members of the church. If we look at it and be truthful with ourselves we will see that there have been things in our individual homes as well as the church that has been under attack. We have come up against a spirit called Leviathan and in this lesson we will expose this principality and confront Leviathan and defeat him in the name of JESUS.

I read of one pastor who said he had a vision and saw this serpent, Leviathan, crawling into the church basement. See the adversary will try to sneak into the church in order to destroy it and if we are not aware of the tricks that he is trying we will fall victim.

Several weeks ago I taught on the spirit of Python and told you how this spirit will try to squeeze life out of you. Well this spirit of Leviathan operates in similar fashion; however, some of the characteristics of this spirit are more devastating. There are only a few references to this spirit in the scripture, but as we search these scriptures we shall receive some insights on the attack methods of this principality.

Who is Leviathan?

How do you expose and counter attack his assaults?

We have in Job 41 and the first 6 verses of Job 42 a large portion of scripture on this spirit. The first thing I want to establish is who is Leviathan?

Leviathan is more than just a demonic spirit it is a powerful principality its primary focus is to attack ministries; whereas, the spirit of python attacks individuals. It is not limited to ministries, but will attack an individual associated with a particular ministry in such a way that the ministry is affected and can cause devastating consequences if not handled in the name of Jesus.

Definition of Leviathan

The transliterated Hebrew word for Leviathan (livyathan) means, a riverine, a serpent, crocodile, or a sea monster, twisted, and coiled, also the constellation of the dragon. When looked at as a demonic spirit or principality the definition is defense, defensive, strife, Pride, Arrogance, Self righteousness, Self exaltation, Self-will, Self centeredness, Critical attitudes, judgmental attitudes, worldliness, stiffneckedness, rebellion, hard-heartedness, hardheadedness, disobedient, rebellious, hinders of spiritual growth, wars against deliverance, laziness, divides brethren, false humility, talkativeness, mockers or mockery, scorners and the Spirit of Pharisees to fight the move of God and men of God.

In Job 41:1 the crocodile is meant; in Psalms 104:26 it denotes "any large animal that moves by writhing or wriggling the body, the whale, the monsters of the deep." This word is also used figuratively for a cruel enemy, as some think "the Egyptian host, crushed by the divine power, and cast on the shores of the Red Sea" (Psalms 74:14) As used in Isaiah 27:1 "leviathan the piercing [RSV 'swift'] serpent, even leviathan that crooked [RSV marg, 'winding'] serpent."

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