Summary: Here is one of the most gracious revelations of Jesus to the religious leaders of His day. God is a revealer of the truth, and we need to listen.

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Passage: Matthew 22:41-46

Intro: Have you ever helped a small child do a connect the dots puzzle?

1. pretty easy if you can count.

2. but small children need help to understand the concept, and then with that help they can complete the puzzle.

3. Jesus has been under attack in the days leading up to crucifixion

4. He has silenced all His critics.

5. and now He initiates the question, but the motivation is very different.

6. like a parent with small children, Jesus is going to graciously lead these hostile people on an OT “connect the dots” activity.

7. and His purpose is to open their eyes to the completed puzzle, who happens to be standing right in front of them.

8. ready to play along?

9. let Jesus put His hand on yours as you take up your pen and begin to connect the dots with His help.

I. The Messiah is David’s Physical Son

1. first question that Jesus asked was not a hard one. V42

2. what is the common understanding of the line that the Christ would come from?

3. their response was immediate: He is the son of David.

4. why did they think this?

PP Isaiah 11:1

PP Jeremiah 23:5

5. very common understanding, and clearly it was correct.

6. everyone agrees, so we put our pencil down on #1 and get ready to go the next dot.

II. David Calls His Son “Lord”

1. now this is where it gets very interesting.

2. Jesus quotes a verse from Psalm 110

PP Psalm 110:1

3. this is a powerful Psalm, quoted 37 times in the NT

4. several things to note.

5. it was written by David (superscript)

6. it was from God v43 “”speaking by the Spirit” (wonderful confirmation)

7. the Lord spoken of here is superior to King David, very unusual of father to son. “My Lord”

8. the view that the Christ just another human being is beginning to come into question.

III. God Honors the One David Calls Lord

1. look at what God invites this son to do! V44

2. again from Psalm 110

PP Psalm 110:1

3. “right hand” has the power and authority of the king.

4. Jesus makes this claim for Himself during His trial, and is convicted of claiming to be God.

PP Matthew 26:64

5. and the rest of the Psalm is full of glory and honor and victory for this one David calls “Lord”

PP Psalm 110:4

6. He will be victorious over all His enemies.

PP Psalm 110:5-6

7. “the Lord” in v5 used only of God in OT, and He is the one who is at “your right hand” (v1)

8. the Lord of Psalm 110 is, in name and in action, not only appointed by God, but uniquely related to God

9. from our perspective as NT believers, we know who this conquering king is.

PP Revelation 19:11-16

10. but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s look at another dot!

IV. The Messiahs Human Ancestry is Only a Part of the Puzzle.

1. Jesus begins to draw a powerful conclusion as He leads the crowd to examine the evidence.

2. the Christ is David’s son, without doubt

3. but He is more than that, clearly

4. if David addresses him by this divine term of “LORD” in v1 and in v5, then He is more than just a man

5. because the spelling in v5 is only used of God in the OT. And continue to do so.

6. it is at this point they will have to misinterpret the rest of Scripture.

7. because once a person acknowledges that the Christ/Messiah is equal to God, the rest of Scripture opens up like a beautiful flower.

8. but if one insists that the Christ is just a man, the physical son of David and no more, then the Bible darkens and closes.

9. and even the gracious revelation of Jesus Himself standing before you and helping you connect the dots is not enough. V46

10. because the final and most critical dot cannot be connected if we refuse to listen to what God has clearly said.

11. but if it is….Wow!

V. The Messiah is God in Human Flesh

1. the OT Scriptures that reveal the Messiah as God in the flesh are numerous

PP Isaiah 9:6

PP Zechariah 12:10

2. and as God in the flesh, He will accomplish great things.

PP Isaiah 53:4-6

3. and a few days later, these same Jewish leaders stood at the foot of the cross and mocked as their Messiah, their Savior, the Lamb of God given to pay for their sins, died in their place.

4. the just for the unjust, the righteous for the unrighteous.

5. and because they refused to believe that God would actually become a man so that He might pay for their sins, they remained under the condemnation of God.

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