Summary: Where are your priorities? Is it self or God? Is God’s House in ruin today?

Consider how things are going for you?

Are you working hard but not getting ahead?

Are you making good money, but you don’t know where it all goes?

How much time are you spending on/in God’s House?

Do you realise that God controls all areas of our lives?

Let us together fix the problem!

See, with every problem there is a cause; there is an effect; there is a solution.

Theme:The Church can be great-but first we have to build it-God’s Way!

1. Me first doesn’t always pay off!

a. Stock Market, Real Estate, ect.

b. No savings program in place

C. No medical/life/automobile insurance

d. Inflation, engery cost, gasoline, unemployement,unexpected bills.

2. Is God’s House in Ruin today?

a. God’s people not going to church; TV,Radio,too busy, just don’t want to go.

b. God’s people not giving of time, talents, money; robbing God.

3. We are the Church! How does God see us?

a. Are we lost in space like the Appollo 13? If we are, God will bring us back save and sound.

b. Are we like Humpty Dumpty? If we are, God can put us back together again.

4. In no time at all we can go from curses to blessings!

5. God doesn’t need us, but He wants to use us!

6. Consider how things are going for you today!

7. Look to see if God’s house is in ruin.

Theme:The Church can be great-but first we have to build it-God’s Way!

Final point: With God we have all that we need/want!

Without God we are never satified!

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