Summary: In verse 5, God gives to young Jeremiah four reasons why he had a "claim" on his life. God has a claim on your life too!

“God has a claim on your Life!”

Introduction: Jeremiah was only about twenty years old when God called him into the ministry. Most twenty year old people are trying to find enough money to put gas in the car for their next blind date. God told Jeremiah in this text that he was going to "Set (him) over the kingdoms and over the nations. (Jeremiah 1:10)

Of course, Jeremiah felt inadequate, but that is perhaps the very reason why God called him for such a mission.

Jeremiah was called the "weeping" prophet. God wanted to convey his message to world through the tears of a weeping prophet.

In today’s message we are only going to be considering just one verse. In verse 5, God gives to Jeremiah four reasons why he had a "claim" on his life. God has a claim on your life too!

1. You are a "prayed for" child.

God said, "Before you formed in your Mother’s womb, I knew thee." The Father of Jeremiah was the godly High Priest, Hilkiah. He was the man who found the Book of the Law that brought revival to the nation of Judah in the days of Josiah. I am sure that Jeremiah was born as an answer to the prayers of godly parents asking God to grant to them the privilege of raising a "preacher boy."

It is sad that too many young Christian families do not pray for God to give them children. A child ought to be born into this world by godly parents who are praying, not by the deviant lust drives of unwed adulteress!

2. You are a "miracle" child.

Note the words "I formed thee." God is the giver of life. All life within the womb of every mother is a miracle! Regardless of the events that led up to a woman becoming pregnant, let us rejoice in the miracle of the life that God has placed within her!

The very fact that you exist is a miracle of God!

3. You are a "blood bought" child.

God told Jeremiah that he had been sanctified. All things in the Old Testament were set apart for holiest unto the Lord by a "blood" sacrifice. In 1 Corinthians chapter six and verse twenty, Paul reminds us that we are not our own and that we have been purchased by the blood of Christ.

I remind you... God has a claim on your life!

4. You are an "adopted" child.

Again God tells Jeremiah that he has commanded him to be a prophet to the nations. Because we have been adopted into the family of God, Romans 8:15, our Heavenly Father expects us to obey him. May I remind you of the 5th commandment was to "honor thy father and thy mother." (Exodus 20:12)

Conclusion: God has a claim on your life. What is the ministry that God has called you into? God does not want you to be just a pew sitter in your local Church. He has a ministry for you to do. Have you considered God’s claim on your life?

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