Summary: when are we to be content and when are we to change our situation?

We can all relate to this story of King Saul.

God told King Saul to completely destroy the Amalekites. When King Saul met God’s prophet Samuel, Saul bragged about completely destroying the Amalekites. The prophet Samuel simply said, “Aren’t those goats bleating behind you from the Amalekites?”

King Saul did not completely obey God.

And God simply said, “to obey is better than sacrifice!”

Why should we completely obey God????

Open your Bibles to Psalm 19.

Read along with me verses 7-11…….

What can God’s instructions do?

It revives the soul!

It makes wise the simple!

It gives joy!

It gives light to the eyes!

It endures forever!

Is sure and righteous!

Is precious and sweet!

Take a moment to quietly pray about God and His Words…….

We have been learning from 1 Corinthians. It is a letter to Christians in response to a number of questions. Last week’s question was “Should Christians marry?”

To be married or not married is a calling, a gift from God.

The next questions are:

Should Christians leave their unbelieving spouses?

If a Jew becomes Christian, should they become a Gentile?

If a Gentile becomes Christian, should they become a Jew?

Should a Christian leave their master?

Let’s find out the answers by opening our Bibles to 1 Corinthians Chapter 7.

Before reading v12-24 this morning, let’s just make a quick note about v12.

When the Apostle Paul said “I, not the Lord”, what he meant was that Jesus didn’t give a direct command about the issue. Let us never forget that ALL Scriptures is God-breathed. And look at the last part of v25……… and the last part of v40……

God spoke through the Apostle Paul and placed it in writing for us.

Let us read 1 Corinthians 7:12-24……….

God desires every living person on earth to be a Christian and be saved from judgment. What does John 3:16 tell us??

For God so loved …………..

God is calling you to be part of His eternal family through Jesus Christ!! Have you given your answer to God? If you are a believer of Christ, say Amen! Amen.

And Christians are to marry other Christians.

Now, if one becomes a Christian and the spouse doesn’t, should the Christian leave the unbeliever?

What do verses 12-14 say?

The Christian must not leave their spouse.

The Christian is a godly influence on the spouse and the children. Now, this doesn’t mean that an unbelieving spouse is automatically saved because they are married to a Christian. Look again at v16…………

Just as there are blessings when one yokes with Jesus Christ, there are blessings when one yokes with a Christian.

Now, what if the unbelieving spouse leaves?

Verse 15 has the answer…………

God knows you can not stop an unbeliever from leaving a marriage. The Christian is not bound to the marriage if the unbelieving spouse leaves. You see, you can not force Christianity on anyone. You can not force an unbeliever to a Christian marriage.

As we study v17-24, there are basically 2 major points that God, through the apostle Paul, was saying: 1. A Christian must be content with their calling from God.

Look again at v17….. v24…..

Christians are not to do anything God has not called them to do! God knows best and will guide us the right way.

Are you content with that? Remember Psalm 19!

The second point in v17-24 is related to contentment. Look again at the second part of v19, 2. Keeping God’s commands is what counts!

If you’re a Jew (circumcised) and you become a Christian, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be a Jew anymore.

If you’re a Gentile (uncircumcised) and you become a Christian, it doesn’t mean you have to become Jewish just because Jesus was Jewish.

And if you’re a “slave” and you become a Christian, it doesn’t mean you now have the right to disobey your master.

Christians are to be content for whatever situation God has given them without disobeying God. Keeping God’s command is what counts. To obey is better than sacrifices.

Now, how do we apply these biblical principles to our lives today?

1. If a Christian is married to an unbeliever, follow the clear instructions from v12-16.

2. We are to be content with what God has presently given us. Are you married? Are you Single? Don’t like your job? Don’t have a job? Don’t like the color of your skin or your hair? We have so many situations and things we don’t like! Don’t we?

We must learn to be content without disobeying God.

Does this mean we are never to change our situations?

Absolutely not!

First of all, if your situation is causing you to sin, you better change your situation! A few years ago a person told me his boss asked him to cheat in his job. He didn’t want to quit because it was a good paying job. This man eventually ended up in prison.

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