Summary: this is a dicusion of about playing church


I begin with these observations. We live in a society that embraces deceit. We want every thing to be easy. We do not want to have to put out any effort. We want every thing short and sweet.

Father in heaven help me express these words with the help of the Spirit. Father give me the boldness to tell all what we need to hear. Open all minds and hearts so all may here. AMEN

We come to church to praise and worship a Holy God. We come to church to hear the Preach Word. What are we getting? We get a whole lot of tradition. We get two or three songs. We get an offering plate. We get a 45 minute sermon on peaches and cream. A 10 minute invitation to come to Jesus and all will be ok…

When Jesus walk the earth and taught his disciples he told them that following him would be the hardest thing they would ever do. He told them life would be hard. The path of righteousness is narrow.

The fact is following the path of God is very, very, VERY HARD.

YOU AND I BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARE THE CHURCH OF OUR God not the four walls you go to sit in on Sunday. We are supposed the chosen vessel’s, of God in this dying world. We hear and do not head. We see and are blind. We go to a service on Sunday maybe even two and another on Wednesday. We spend a total of 5-6 hours going through the same rituals every week. Hey look we are Christians. The only day we have or open our bible is during that same 5-6 hour period. Hey we did our Christian duty now let’s go eat pizza, go to the game, Go to the golf course. Maybe will ask the preacher to go.

Counterfeit Christian, they got time all week and the week end for every thing else. But where is God .Oh I went to church > I gave my tithe. I believe in God. I know Jesus. That’s what they will tell you. Who is Jesus?

Let examine that. Jesus was the Son of God. He was God ion this earth. He preaches and taught a life style. Of Love, caring, discipline, and study. Who are you?

When was the last time you turned off the game and set down with you family and studied or even talked about the Word [bible]? When was the last time you took a group of teen out and talked about God

We need to get back to the basics. Go to our bibles

Pray to God. Repent and ask Jesus back into,out lives and listen to the Holy Spirit instead of the world.


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