Summary: There is a striking contrast between Bartimas and Zaccheas.

There is a striking contrast between Bartimas and Zacchaes while they were both named Jerico they were two extremes.

-one sitting by the way side

one in a tree

-one was poor

one was rich

-one needed mercy

one needed sight

-one had to get up to be saved

one had to get down

Christ is able to save at both extremes.

But let us look at Zaccheas:

I)Social Position-verse two

1.Tax Collector with many under him

Jewish Tax collectors were hated.

II)Earnest Desire-verse three

He not only wanted to see him but to know him. He was undoubtfully moved by deeper feeings than mere curiosity. The Son of God never gratifies the professional sightseer.

III)Two fold Difficulty-Verse three b (most important)

-A great crowd and a short pair of legs were formidible obstacles. One was circumstantial and one was personal. Whoever sought the Lord without being confronted with these classes of difficulties? Our own short commings and the indifference of others to our spiritual needs and interest.

-work, school, and unequal yoked friends.

IV)Determination-Verse four

-The cheif of the tax collectors gathers ran like children.

*Those who are ashamed to show any excitment over Christ and His cause is not worthy of Him.

V)Unexpected call-Verse five

-Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus but more importantly Jesus wanted to see Zacchaeus.

VI)Obedience-Verse six

- His promopt response surely proved His eagarness and honesty.

-False professors always have an excuse for sin. Luke 14:18

-A hungery person does’nt need much prompting for food sat before him.

VII)Instant Salvation-verse nine

-Not because of sevice but because of belief.

-Are we like Bartimas or Zacchaeus-both lost in sin but what response have we choosen.

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