Summary: There is a difference when a believers makes a decision for Jesus Christ opposed to making a commitment to Christ.

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Pataskala Church of the Nazarene

February 28, 2010

Conversion and Commitment

Acts 9:1-6


I want to introduce you to a mythical church member that I am going to call Kenny.

When we first meet Kenny he is attending services at First Church but he left because the services were too formal, every one of the platform wore a coat and tie.

He and his family then wandered over to Grace Church because they had a great choir.

But before too long, we hear they are “really happy” at the Christian Worship Center.

But before too long they move their membership to the Community Church because of the Great Bible teaching.

After that the youth program at New Hope catches their eye.

Not at least for the moment, they are at the church uptown, at least until something else catches their roving eyes.

What ever happened to commitment?

-Charles Stanley – Casual Christianity

Charles Stanley, a Great Bible Preacher in my estimation says, “Why do you suppose that there are close to 100 million church members in America yet they are not making more of a moral and spiritual impact?

Why is it that on Sunday morning thousands of churches has more empty chairs than full?

Why is it that the average Sunday school in American has less then 65 in attendance and that the average worship attendance has 84?

Why is it that only 50% of the number on any church membership roll can be expected to attend any given Sunday?

If professing Christian believers really believe in Heaven and a real Hell, how can we be so silent and uncommitted?

Charles Stanley says and I agree with him, “The answer of all these questions is tragically simple! God’s people have made a decision about Jesus …. But they have never made a commitment to Him.”

The Passage of Scripture that I have read to you contains Paul’s first recorded statement as a Christ Follower and one of his last utterances as a veteran soldier of the cross.

Let me take you back to the actual happening and just let you see how God got Saul’s attention on the road to Damascus.

And friend, I am convinced this morning that G OD KNOWS HOW TO GET YOUR ATTENTION.

God showed up and interrupted Saul’s plans.

God shot a laser beam of light out of the throne room of Heaven and knocked Saul to the ground.

Suddenly all of the education, the plans, the hatred, the condemnation that had been controlling Saul was erased in one quick flash and Saul became the accused and the condemned.

The Mighty God of Heaven had hunted down the hunter and felled His prey.

Friends, I want you to hear this, Saul had not really heard the voice of God, he had listened only to the voice of religion and the world in his quest to defeat the Christ followers of his time.

But while he is lying on the ground, all of a sudden he heard a different voice – a voice with such power and authority that it shook him to the core of his soul.

This same voice spoke the world in existence.

This same voice called to Adam in the Garden

This same voice spoke judgment on Satan.

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