Summary: It is more important that our young people pray through to an experience for their self then to borrow from our experience.

Conviction vs. Culture

I Samuel 3:1-4

The peril of any church, nation, or corporation is when the vision is carried out by those who never had it.

Conviction – The state of being convinced with a strong persuasion about a particular idea or belief. To be overpowered by an idea.

Culture – The act of developing by education, discipline, or training.

In a time when the dynamics of society are changing, convictions are a must. The men who walked out of Independence hall after signing the Declaration of Independence were possessed of the deepest sort of convictions. I fear our nation is now being led by those who never were convinced of those same convictions. They have simply became a part of a culture.

The same can be said of our church world. Our church society has evolved to such a place that we are being led by those who have a Christian culture, but little or no convictions. The convictions that constituted the genesis of Holiness standards and precepts are being allowed to be reduced to just a part of our history. The ideas that formed who we were as Christians must never be demoted from a conviction to merely a culture.

All men would agree that cultures change. If this fact were not true, we would be riding horses for transportation and using candles for light. To compromise when done properly can be the most effective tool the church has. We must be assured that not all change is for evil. Some things can be changed to better who we are and the approach we use to reach the unbelievers.

The fundamental ideology that surrounds Christianity must never be open to discussion. The things that distinguish us as Holiness and enable us to be qualified recipients of God's power must not be allowed to become only an animate emotion. If our church attendance, standards, and beliefs are reduced to cultural associations we are destined for a perilous fate.

The only way our nation can survive in sovereignty and experience revival again is when Christians once again allow themselves to be convicted. When a 5 or 6 generation deep culture is acting as master of ceremony in our churches and meetings in place of being led by the spirit; we are short changing the next generation.

Every generation of believers must pray through to Holiness like they are the first one to every see it's necessity.

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