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Summary: We need a beatitude attitude

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Memorial day typically celebrates veterans of our armed services. Men and women from all branches who were willing to lay their lives on the line for the protection and safety of others. 911 illustrated that war has dramatically changed. And so the list of heroes have increased. Today we want to bring to front of our remembrance and prayers the men and women who serve our nations cities - in the fire department and the police force. You are truly heroes.

What makes a hero - someone with the courage to face their fears to do the right thing, the needed thing - even when they don’t want to. - especially when they don’t want to.

Most of the best experiences in life are ones we fought against. (River walk - youth camp)

We know the should so we will rationalize argue and disobey and miss out

Getting back on your feet when you fall, that matters.

Attitude - a young jockey with promise but lost 1st, 2nd - 3rd race. Lost 50 - then 100 and even first 200. Didn’t quit. Lost 250 but on 251 he won. His name Eddie Arcaro - possibly the greatest jockey ever to ride. Can’t keep a good man down

He was 53 when he wanted to write his first book. 13 - 14 pub. Rejected the work. He threw the manuscript in the trash. "My dream will never come true" His wife went to pull it out, give it another try, "Don’t you ever take it out of the trash - it will never be published." and she didn’t. You can’t keep a good woman down, she mailed the whole trash can to a publisher, he was intrigued - liked it and published the Power of Positive Thinking. Norman Vincent Peales book sold 30 million copies. Thanks to Ruth

The church is in the attitude adjustment business - God wants to mess with you - face it!

1921 Robert Barnhouse was preaching at a Bible conf. Some women cornered him complaining about the young women who weren’t wearing stockings. He said "The Virgin Mary never wore stockings, they were first worn by prostitutes in Italy." A women confronted her pastor after church because she’d heard he occasionally smoked a cigar. "I’m praying for you" she said. "I’m praying for you too sister." You don’t understand, I’m praying that God will cure you of the nasty habit you have." You don’t understand, I’m praying that God will help you keep your nose out of other people’s business

People who say "Real Christians don’t wear makeup are usually the ones who need to wear it. The one who says a real Christian doesn’t ever have a glass of wine with a meal is usually the one who eats a half gallon of ice cream. "I have the gift of prophecy" means to one person "I have the right to point out everyone’s mistakes and problems. It really isn’t prophecy, it is the gift of being a pain in the neck - Prophecy means to speak good news!

You aren’t happy with things the way they are, your spouse and children parents aren’t, your teachers and co workers and employers aren’t - some things have got to change.

The most famous sermon of all time is about changing the way you think. Gospel in a nutshell

Remember clip of Life of Brian? This is the path - the way to life - Beattitude Attitude

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