Summary: Cornelius was a good man but he still needed to accept Jesus as his personal Lord.


Acts 10

Cornelius was:

He was a MAN OF CHARACTER (v. 1-2)

Devout – Dedicated

Cornelius was diligent to obtain his position.

He was a MAN OF PRAYER (v.2-4)

He was a MAN OF ACTION (v.5-8)

immediately obeyed God


He did exactly as he was told in the vision without deviation


respected God’s regulations


Giver – Generosity – Compassion


Whole house followed in his footsteps

He lead his family!

Men step up!!

Wives, learn to submit

Wouldn’t the church love to have many Cornelius’ in the house?

Why did Luke record this event?

To show that Good isn’t good enough.

there is just one little problem with Cornelius, in spite of all his goodness, he is doomed for hell and in need of a savior. He was still lost

Good or God?

In spite of all of his good works, he still was lost…

Are you like Cornelius? Soon he will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Will you?

10:2 “What will happen to the heathen who have never heard about Christ?” This question is often asked about God’s justice. Cornelius wasn’t a believer in Christ, but he was seeking God, and he was reverent and generous. Therefore God sent Peter to tell Cornelius about Christ. Cornelius is an example that God “rewards those who earnestly seek him” (Hebrews 11:6). Those who sincerely seek God will find him! God made Cornelius’s knowledge complete through Peter.

Missionaries must be obedient as Peter was. Evangelist must be obedient as Peter was. Christians must be obedient as Peter was.

Salvation and Revival can only be obtained through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Before we can even begin to talk about revival, one must know Jesus as his/her personal Lord and Savior!!

TS. Lets talk about the revival that we witness in Acts chapter 10… I see three transformations that must take place in order to experience revival. Multiplication instead of addition.

I. We must exercise transformational thinking to have revival. V. 3 – 8

What memorial do you offer up? Everything comes up before God.

We really don’t believe this or would act differently.

Change your thinking and realize that everything we do is recorded before God. Praise the Lord for the blood of the lamb that keeps us from paying the penalty.

Ill. Elevator story: I read a humorous story on the internet about a family in a big city. In fact it was entitled “Transformed by an elevator.” It said;

A family from a remote area was making their first visit to a big city.

They checked into a grand hotel and stood in amazement at the impressive sight.

Upon leaving the reception desk they came to the elevator entrance.

There they saw something that they had never seen before. It was an elevator, and they just stared at it unable to figure out what it was for.

Suddenly an elderly lady hobbled towards the elevator, the door opened and she went inside.

The door closed, and soon, the door reopened and out came a good-looking young woman. The father just couldn’t stop staring. First at the woman than at the elevator.

Then without turning his head he nudged his son’s arm and said, "Quick, Go get your momma, boy."

Peter – Transformational thinking (Kill and Eat)

Sometimes it takes repetition - Peter took 3 times of being shown.

Parents be patient with your children

Transformational Thinking for Peter and Cornelius. Gentiles and Jews had no fellowship together (Explain)

Cornelius Trusted God to prepare Peter

Wives trust God to prepare your husbands

Ill. Natalie and I.

Feeding Children

Our home

Transformation of Thinking – The Book of Acts is all about transformational thinking.

In order for revival to take place, the Holy Spirit calls us out of our comfort zones.

a. Whether or not we experience revival depends on our willingness to abandon our comfort zones and listen to the Spirit’s voice.

b. Are we willing to go the extra mile out of our comfort zones in order to be in tune with the Holy Spirit

App. We must learn to trust God to change people’s hearts. It is not our place to change them.

TS. We must also learn to

II. Practice transformational action to obtain revival.

Cornelius obeyed immediately.

Illustration: Charles Finney noted this about obedience and sacrifice, “Revival is nothing more or less than a new obedience to God!”

Peter – Transformational actions

v. 23 – invited them in

people came from all over town to see what was happening.

“Revival is nothing more or less than a new obedience to God!”

The Request of Obedience (9-16)

A. Rise, Peter; Kill and Eat

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