Summary: What has the devil stolen from you? If you will beleive and act on Gods word you will go into supernatural recovery. God will make the devil cough it up

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I came with a message to the devil tonight: God said to announce to the devil that he has to cough up your goods.

God told me that I was to prophesy over your lives tonight, and release an anointing for restitution.

I may not be talking to everybody but I know I'm talking to somebody that has lost some stuff and you want to get it back.

In the time when so much is being taken away from us, what Im getting ready to say may sound crazy.

It looks like and feels like everything is being taken away from us: they want to take away our freedom of speech, our right to defend ourselves, our privacy, they're even dictating what we can and can't eat in school, army bases etc.

They're taking away our rights to choose our own health care, and our own physicians.

But I have an assignment tonight and I have a mandate on me to Prophesy in this house and to prophesy to all those who are hearing my voice (one word) restitution. (The devil is going to cough it up)

Restitution I'm speaking about getting it back. I don't care if it's the government the IRS the NSI the CIA DHS or the devil himself.

if its been stolen from you God said get ready for restitution.

There may be many different names or titles but ultimately it is the devil who is the thief.

The Bible says in Proverbs 6: 30 -31 if the thief is found or caught he should restore sevenfold; he should give all the substance of his house.

I don't care what's been stolen from you or how, I have come to prophesy restitution.

Restitution is coming to you. we have caught the thief, we have identified the rat.

Restitution, Is

1. An act of restoring or a condition of being restored

2. A restoration of something to its rightful owner

3. A legal action serving to cause restoration of a previous state.

It means to get it back and to get it back like brand new.

If there's one thing the Bible is; it is a record of God restoring.

From Genesis to Revelation God is a restorer

If there is any testament to God's ability to restore and bring restitution it would have to be Ezekiel chapter 37 verses 1 through 10

That valley of dry bones represents the greatest grief, the greatest misery, the greatest loss and destruction possible.

It epitomizes and capsulizes the very essence and totality of the word hopeless.

It is a picture of the thief in his full destructive powers.

That valley of dry bones represents every area of human need and brokenness known to humanity.

Every sickness, every disease, every bondage and oppression, every financial struggle and disaster, every family strife and struggle is represented there.

If you stopped at verse 2 there would be nothing but hopelessness and despair

But into that dreary valley of hopelessness misery and death came a word from God.

God said to Ezekiel (prophesy) Decree and declare the word of the Lord.

Prophesy restitution

Prophesy restoration

Prophesy life

Prophesy resurrection

Prophesy new life, new beginning

And as he prophesied the power of God invaded that Valley, and as he prophesied sinews and flesh came upon those bones and skin begin to cover them.

And as he continued to prophesy there was a noise and a shaking, the bones begin to come together in perfect order bone to his bone.

This is God restoring, and putting it back together and putting it together right.

Then as he continued to prophesy: the wind of God begin to blow and the breath of God begin to fill their lungs and they stood up on their feet a great army.

The wind is the power of the Holy Ghost: I don't care how good it looks or sounds, without the anointing, without the Holy Spirit it's dead.

I know I'm talking to some people today who may have felt like those bones you've been stripped bare broken in pieces and hung out to dry.

You know who you are.

The devil has stolen from you, he has robbed you.

Maybe it's physically: the devil has attacked your body, or your finances, your finances have dried up.

Or it could be your marriage.

Or he has stolen your joy, or your peace, he's stolen your self respect, hes stolen your dreams and your hopes for the future

But God said to tell you (don't write it off). It ain't over

God Said it's not over (He's getting ready to slug the devil in the gut) and make him cough up your goods

How many are ready for the devil to cough up your goods?

Somebody just needs to get mad at the devil today and tell him to cough it up.

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