Summary: Part 14 of a series on the 119th Psalm

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Could Someone Get the Lights?

Part 14

Sermon Series: A Word about the Word

Text: Psalm 119:105-112


This section of the Psalm begins with no doubt one of the most familiar verses in the Bible. It brings great emphasis of the magnitude and worth of the full counsel of God’s Word. The psalmist has in nearly every verse used a different synonym for God’s Word and here he refers to it as a “light” and a “lamp.”

· Now I must confess, I do not understand all the mechanics and working of light and electricity. I know how to change a light bulb and I have even had opportunity to change out a light fixture in our home. I also need to say, I am a little frightened by electricity I have seen and witnessed its power.

· I do know this about light; it dispels darkness. When you walk into a dark room and turn on the light switch, darkness disappears.

· Light also reveals to us the full contents of the room.

We are believers, those of us that have placed our faith in the Lord Jesus for salvation, have a great advantage over those that do not know Jesus; because of the Word of God, we have direction and revelation, not only of the character and nature of God and His Son Jesus Christ, but guidance in how to life this life and where we are going.

· The Bible never uses the word unsaved regarding those that are not believers, but it does some times use the word lost.

· I am blessed with the sense of good direction. There have been times when I have had to stop and ask for direction, usually to find I am on the right track.

· But have you ever seen someone that is so lost. I mean they just don’t have a clue to where they are going. The old adage is; “Lost as a goose.”

· Today we have so many tools to help us find our way from one place to another. I still use a map, the fold up kind when I travel. You can even get directions on the Internet.

· For some that make more money than a Baptist preacher, you can now buy a car that has a tracking system built into the car and if for some strange reason you get lost, you can hit a button and a company can tell by the use of a satellite where you are located

· I am continually amazed at the many different, methods of teaching that is out there today, that clams the name of biblical teaching, when in all reality it is a real-good feel-good about yourself mentality, think positive and God will bless you religion.

· When in reality all we need is this holy, inerrant, inspired and immutable book; God’s Word… the Bible.

This section of the 119th Psalm gives us three truths about the light and lamp of the Word of God. Let’s look at the first one

I. Light Points Our Direction vv. 105-108

It points our direction…

A. For Our Obedience vv. 105-106

· For every decision we will face in life, God’s Word gives us instruction.

· We may not get all the details, but in Scripture we have light to reveal the overall direction, and we have a lamp to show us how to make the next step.

· In these tow various descriptions of God’s Word, light and lamp, we are shown two types of lighting if you will.

· A lamp that was used in the psalmist days would probably best be seen as a flashlight today. When I use a flashlight it is usually to guide me from one step to the next. I believe that is why he tells us it is a “lamp to my feet.”

· Many times in our lives what we really need is not a clear view of all in front of us; we just need enough of the lamp to guide our next step. Isn’t that what faith is all about? Trusting Jesus to help us by faith take that next step. Trusting Him that where He has asked us to follow, the path will be firm enough to hold the weight of our cares and burdens.

· To put it in plan terms; Sometimes He only wants us to obey Him and He shows us just that next step.

· This reminder of God’s Word as a lamp and light helps us remember that God’s Word will guide us by day and by night, step by step through all the experiences of life.

· On the other hand a light is brighter, for example our car headlights. It allows us to see farther down the path we are traveling.

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