Summary: Four tests to examine your Christianity.

Counterfeit Christianity - Matthew 7:13-27


A man had died and appeared at the gates of heaven. St. Peter told the man that in order to get into heaven he had accumulate 100 points based on how he lived his life. St. Peter asked the man to begin describing his life. The man said, "Well, I’ve been faithful to my wife for forty years and I pastored faithfully for forty years." St. Peter said, "That’s real good, that will give you about one point, what else did you do?" He said, "Well, I worked in soup kitchens for about ten years and lead over one thousand people to faith in Christ." St. Peter said, "That’s real good, that will give you about two points, what else did you do?" He said, "Well, I tithed 20% all my life and taught Sunday school for thirty years." St. Peter said, "That’s real good, that will give you about one more point." The guy exclaimed, "One point!!! Man nobody is going to get into heaven but by the grace of God." St. Peter said, "Your exactly right, that will give you one hundred points!" The only way into heaven is through the grace of God. The question is, have you been redeemed? In this sermon I want to present to you four simple tests to find out if you are really in the faith. Notice the first test we see is:

I. The Test Of Accuracy (v. 13-15)


A. Choose The Right Direction (13-14)

The two gates are different in three ways.

1. Destinations - Narrow (Heaven), Broad (Hell)

2. Dividends - Narrow (Few find), Broad (Many find)

3. Dimensions - Narrow (small way), Broad (big way)

B. Choose The Right Doctrine (15)

The counterfeit appear to be righteous.

II. The Test Of Abundance (v. 16-20)


A. A Lot Of Progression (16-19)

Even the lost can show signs of growth.

B. A Lack Of Production (20)

If their is no spiritual fruit, they are lost.

III. The Test Of Acceptance (v. 21-23)


A. Those Who Do His Will (21)

Those who do the Will of God will be in Heaven.

B. Those Who Do His Works (22-23)

Man is not saved by works.

IV. The Test Of Architecture (v. 24-27)


A. A Firm Foundation (24-25)

The firm foundation is those who obey God.

B. A Fragile Foundation (26-27)

The fragile foundation is those who disobey God.


In closing I want to challenge to examine yourself to see if you are truly in the faith. Many people will appear on Judgment Day thinking they are righteous and saved when in actuality they are religious and lost (2 Corinthians 13:5).

Rev. Michael S. Bowen

Pine Level Baptist Church

Early Branch SC, 29916

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