Summary: Couragous living is what will be needed in order to face the giants that are coming our way

Today I want to talk about Courageous Living

During the time we have left on this earth, it will take great courage to face the giants coming our way

Hopefully we all know this story – summarize it

David was a courageous leader and he lived like it

One small stone plus one big heart = one dead giant

Courage simply defined is “fearlessness in the face of danger”

We know in this story that the King of Israel was Saul

Saul had the title but he did not have courage – Saul’s army was waiting for Saul to lead – but he was afraid

What are you afraid of today? What giants are calling out your name?


Trans: The first thing in trying to live courageously is being able to…


Look at vs 4 – 7

Clearly described how big Goliath was – clearly identified him as a giant

The giant can also be clearly identified by his antagonism

Read Vs 8-10

This man was overwhelmingly confident and he was antagonizing Saul and the army of Israel

Vs. 11 tells us how they felt – dismayed and terrified

Giants in our lives want to strike fear and cause us to be terrified

Why? Because then we will be ineffective for the Kingdom

Trans: Not just ID giants but we must…


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the voice of the giant

Vs. 11– the giant hadn’t even done anything yet – on hearing the giant’s words – they were terrified

Listen, giants are just the voice of the moment

Remember the story of Joshua when Moses died (Josh 1)

God called Moses to bring Israel to promise land – he didn’t complete the task

Joshua was called to complete the task

Joshua’s giants were being able to lead courageously and when entering promise land – there would be battles

God spoke to Joshua – Joshua had to hear God’s voice and not just the giants confronting him

God spoke some very important words to Joshua – says it 4 times

Vs. 6 “Be strong and courageous…”

Vs. 7 “Be strong and very courageous…”

Vs. 9 “Be strong and courageous…”

Then I like it as the last thing God reassures Joshua at the end of Chapter 1

Vs. 18 “Be strong and courageous…”

God assures Joshua in vs 9 “For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”

And before that in vs 5 God reassures Joshua “I will never leave you nor forsake you”

Did you know that’s still true today for us? Can I get a witness?

Little side note here about Joshua that many may not know

Notice Moses was given the first five books of the OT which is called what? THE LAW

Now watch this – God gave them the law – containing 10 commandments – but they didn’t keep them

You and I haven’t kept them – Amen!

Now notice that THE LAW (Moses) didn’t take them into the land of promise – Moses died just before

Now watch this – God raised up another man – Joshua – to bring them into the Promised Land

Joshua in Hebrew is JEHO SHUA = Jehovah is salvation

The Jewish Hebrew name for God is YESHUA which means “salvation”

Jesus is our salvation – Jesus is the one who leads us into the promise land

Joshua was a type and shadow of Jesus – telling us what was to come

The law can’t save us – can’t deliver us – just like Moses– we need Yeshua – salvation – somebody say AMEN!

Trans: Third, we must realize that…


In the midst of all this going on with Israel & Philistines, David was serving

Look at vs 15; 17-19 & vs 32-37

What about Joshua?

Do you know what Joshua’s role was? “serving & ministering to Moses & armor bearer to Moses”

Armor bearer was with the leader in battle – carrying extra weapons and serving the needs of the leader

a. Courage happens when we are engaged against the giants

Notice that when we step out in courage, those without courage try to give us their armor to fight their battle (vs 38)

b. Courage doesn’t well up in the heart of spectators

Vs. 11 “On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified”

Listen, in order to be victorious in your walk, you are going to have to be engaged and not be a spectator

c. Courage draws from past victories

David had courage – because of the past victories God had given him

Vs. 15; vs 34-37

Notice these victories came in the midst of serving!

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