Summary: Finding New Testament truths from the Old Testament Covenants

Covering the Covenant of Noah

I want to add one thing to covenant of Adam lesson

Genesis 3:6-7--------VS.20-21

Shaneology- Was God Just fashion conscience> What was he doing

Where did these skins come from

God set forth at creation- there would have to be substitutionary death

Man always seeks their own covering-

You can’t do it- God has to make a sacrifice>He taught them

Because Cain and Abel made a sacrifice

We are saved “by grace through faith” Not by covering our own sin

Now back to the COV. Of NOAH

Always tickled that parents decorate their kids room – Greatest Catastrophe

There’s a lot of questions that go unanswered- concerning the flood

Genesis 6:1-12 & 17-18

When Adam sinned> he felt guilt

Cain kills Abel> premeditated – Felt no Guilt “Cain, where’s your brother”

Totally mocks God- He was a Murderer & Liar

We can see how quick sin began to deteriorate peoples thinking

Chapter 4- Lamech> Polygamy- took two wives

Genesis 4:23-24 - Look he’s bragging

Sings about killing cops, doing drugs, raping women,> “Shot a man in Reno”

They’ve been rapping for years

When can see the worlds getting worse and worse

By the time we get to chapter 6- all Hell has broken loose

Sons of God- Daughters of Men

I’ll touch briefly-

Before the New Covenant-

only 2 people were called ‘sons of god”--


They were direct creations of God

I don’t have time show scriptures- Go home and check me out

That’s why were called sons and daughters – DIRECT CREATIONS

When Satan was kicked out of Heaven, Did anybody go with HIM? angels

Were those angels “SONS OF GOD”—of course

I believe the fallen angels and women were procreating – The ultimate wicked

TURN TO JUDE vs. 5-8

Many people talk about the flood- few talk about Why it came!!

God speaks to Noah- I’m gonna save you and your family

2 of every kind of animal

7 every clean animal- for sacrifices

Gonna need a big ole boat

How did all of those animals live- I believe they hibernated

I also believe the animals were babies-

If they were adults, might start with 2 rabbits- end the trip with 100’s of rabbits

Gen 8:20-22> Gen. 6:5-8

He could judge and send wrath after wrath

It would never change the hearts of men

So he sent a deliverer

Look at Gen 8:22

Seedtime harvest

Hot cold

Winter summer

Day night

God said all of these would remain forever

3 of those things are out of our control

1 isn’t

chapter 9

1. Said he wouldn’t flood the earth

2. Be fruitful and multiply

3. animals would be afraid of us- apparently before flood- they weren’t scared

I’ve shared my fear of animals

All will be meat for you

4. vs.6- if you shed man’s blood- by man, your blood will be shed

“Capital Punishment”

I don’t get political- That’s what it says- Human life is valuable

Who’s life is more valuable- He says if you kill somebody- kill ‘em back

5. Rainbow VS. 12-17

I’m sure they were a little gunshy- for the next few years

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