Summary: God has always been a covenant God. He makes His covenant with us through Jesus Chrst.

Covenant renewal

Deuteronomy 29:1-15


Turn to Deuteronomy 29:1-15. It is the fifth book of the Old Testament. I want to talk to you about a covenant, more closely, the covenant between each of us and God. Before we turn to the passage, we need to define covenant. We could not possible renew something that we don’t know what it is. Covenant as defined in the dictionary, is “an agreement, contract, a promise usually under seal between two or more people for the performance of some action.” Breach of contract- common law action to recover damages because the pledge of agreement has been broken. Covenantee- The person to who the promise of agreement is made.

Covenanter- The person who made the agreement.

Covenantee, (God) God draws up the agreement.

Covenanter- (us) we make an agreement to follow it.

Deuteronomy 29:1-15 Read and then pray.

Now, let that sink in a minute.

Moses gathers the people of Israel and says, you have seen all the things that God has done to free you from the slavery of the Egyptians. You have watched and saw miracles and great wonders of God. In fact , 40 years you wandered in the desert, your clothes and shoes did not wear out, and God met every need you had, including feeding you and giving you water.

What was the covenant?

“That God would be their God, and they would be God’s people” No idols. God would be first in their lives. God says “carefully follow the terms of this covenant” so that you may prosper in what you do Your leaders, your children, and even the people that work for you cutting wood. You are standing here blessed because I made this covenant, put my seal of approval (promise-His Word) and you have agreed to it.


“I am making this covenant, with it’s oath, not only with you who are standing here with us today in the presence of the Lord our God, but also with those who are not here today” The same covenant God made with the Israelites, affected the Gentiles after the day of Pentecost, and affects each of us sitting here this morning.” I want you to understand something this morning God takes His covenant with us seriously He expects us to take that covenant serious also Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy, God describes clearly that there is blessings upon us for obedience and curses or consequences for disobedience.

The Lord told the Nation of Israel:

• I will grant that your enemies that come up against you be defeated.

• I will send blessing on your barns and everything you put your hand to.

• I will establish you as holy people.....If you keep my commandments and walk in my ways.

For disobedience

• your country will be cursed.

• Your basket will not be full.

• My hand of blessing will be taken away.

It was an hour of decision. Israel, do you want the blessings or consequences of God, because how you respond will determine the outcome. If there was a day for our Nation to repent, it is today. To renew our covenant to God. That is what Moses faced. Stubborn, stiff-necked people, hard hearted people who stood before God and said I want your blessings but I do not want to adhere to your word. I want the promises and the promised land, and I am not really afraid of the consequences of my actions. Moses was clearly the man God used to share the covenant. Moses was a type of Christ, he was the mediator of the covenant. Today, on the other side of the cross- Jesus Christ is the mediator for us. He is the mediator of the new covenant of grace. God is a covenant God Time will not let me go into detail. God had a covenant with Adam. God had a covenant with Noah. God had a covenant with Abraham. God had a covenant with David. When Jesus said “It is finished”, he completed the covenant man has with God and Jesus Christ was the mediator. All the covenants God made with man was always that Jesus Christ is the foundation of all God’s actions. Christ was the second Adam. The one who redeemed fallen man. Christ was the ultimate sacrifice. As Abraham put Isaac on the altar. God is a covenant God and Jesus Christ has always been the mediator between God and man.

The importance of the covenant is this. It answers some important questions we have.

•Does God relate to man?

• How can man establish a relationship with God?

• There cannot be a one-sided relationship between a perfect God and sinful man.

Before Christ, the Old Testament was a book of covenant. The sacrificial blood offering to God. After Christ on the cross, the ultimate sacrifice, “It is Finished” is the covenant of our

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