Summary: An evangilistic sermon citing the massacre in the Westgate Mall in Niarobi, Kenya 9-23-2013

Covered By The Blood

Exodus 12:1-14

Introduction: One of the most defining traits of the Jewish people through the centuries is their observance of Passover. It is an annual Feast that occurs in the Spring each year. Although it seems like a big leap, it is a commentary on the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.

Ever since the original sin in the Garden, God has taught that only shed blood covers sin.

I. Story of Passover

A. Jacob had moved his family of 75 to Egypt at his son Joseph’s invitation in order to escape the drought where they lived. His son Joseph was vice-Pharaoh of Egypt and provided for them and settled them in the land of Goshen. After Joseph’s death, another dynasty of Pharaohs came to power “who knew not Joseph” Exodus 1:8

B. For over 400 years, the Egyptians oppressed the Jews, who had grown to over 2 million people.

C. Because of the oppression, the children of Israel began to cry out for a deliverer. To prevent this, Pharaoh declared the death of all male Hebrew children born in Egypt.

D. Moses was born and his mother hid him in the Nile River in an ark of bulrushes. Pharaoh’s daughter found him and took him to her home. He was raised in Pharaoh’s household, receiving the best of education and privilege.

E. As he matured, he began to identify with the Hebrews and killed an Egyptian who was mistreating one of his countrymen.

F. He had to flee from Pharaoh’s wrath and wound up herding sheep on the “backside of the Midian desert”

G. There, God called him at the burning bush to go deliver His people.

H. Moses went to Egypt and demanded that Pharaoh “Let my people go!” Pharaoh refuses and God, through Moses, brings nine plagues upon Egypt. Each of these plagues struck directly at one of the false gods of the Egyptians and the Children of Israel were spared. Each time Pharaoh would agree to let them go and then change his mind

I. Finally, God prepared to bring one last plague, the tenth. This plague entailed the death of the first-born child in each family, including Pharaoh’s.

J. Moses was given the plan for what became Passover and passed it on to his people. It began with selecting a lamb

K. Selecting the Lamb – On the tenth day of Nisan a lamb (Exodus 12:3), one year old or younger, was selected from among the flock. This lamb had to be without spot or blemish because it represented the coming perfect Messiah. (Exodus 12:5)

L. Adopting the Lamb – The lamb was kept with the family for them to get attached to him and identify with him, so they would feel the loss when he was sacrificed.

M. Sacrificing Lamb – On the fourteenth day of Nisan, the lamb was sacrificed (Exodus 12:6). The blood was taken home and smeared on the doorposts. (Exodus 12:7) Picture in your mind the basin of blood on the doorstep. The father of the family would take a hyssop branch and smear the blood on the head of the door and on the two side posts. Picture in your mind connecting a vertical line from the basin on the doorstep to the blood smeared on the door post and a horizontal line connecting the two spots of blood on the door posts. Can you see the Cross there?

N. The Lamb pictures Jesus as our Sacrifice; Perfect, sinless, and in the prime of His life. He was sacrificed for others.

O. At midnight, the Lord passed through the land of Egypt and the Death Angel took the life of the first-born child in every house…. Except those with the blood on the door. They were covered by the blood. See Exodus 12:23

II. Story of the Crucifixion

A. The Sinless Son of God came to the earth

B. Born as a helpless baby

C. Lived a sinless life

D. Took our sins upon Himself

E. Died in our place, shedding His precious blood

F. On the very day of Passover

III. Story of Salvation

A. This past week, September 23, 2013, Muslim terrorists attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

a. Tossed grenades “like feed to chickens”, one reporter said

b. Not all reports are in yet, but so far, it appears there have been 68 killed, and over 300 injured.

c. Atrocities were committed, too terrible to describe

B. Radio presenter Sneha Kothari Mashru told of lying in the floor of a vacant room in the mall, knocked to the floor and slightly injured

a. She told of lying next to a teen boy who had been shot.

b. She slipped her hand into his pocket to get his phone to turn it off, so the terrorists wouldn’t hear it ring and come kill them. It was full of blood.

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