Summary: Reflection is: How do I accept the plan of God?


Covid-19 and Acceptance

Matthew 12:14-16

“The Pharisees went out

and took counsel against him to put him to death.

When Jesus realized this,

he withdrew from that place.

Many [people] followed him,

and he cured them all,

but he warned them

not to make him known.”

Dear sisters and brothers,

We heard that the Pharisees went out and planned for the death of Jesus.

Why did they do it?

Because of jealousy, ego, pride, power, authority, and moreover because Jesus challenged their teaching without witnessing.

What did Jesus do?

Jesus did not go in front of the Pharisees and challenge them saying that I am the Son of God. You cannot do anything against me.

When Jesus realised their plan, he withdrew from that place.

Why did Jesus do that way?

We have something to learn from Jesus. Jesus did not want to go against God’s plan.

In other words, he realised that it was not the appointed time for him. And it was not the time for evil forces. There would be a time for the evil forces. There would be God’s time. Jesus would undergo passion, death and resurrection in God’s time and according to the plan of God. It was not the time for Jesus to surrender to God’s plan.

God’s plan was different.

That is the reason, Jesus withdrew from that place.

We live in the world of COVID-19, pandemic. We are told to be cautious, we need to wear the mask, we need to keep social distance, we need to wash our hands time and again for 20 seconds, do not go out without any emergency, do not meet the strangers and so on.

Yes, we all need to be prudent enough, so that we can avoid infections of Covid-19. Can I blame myself and God after all these cautions, if I am affected by it?

We need to have a heart of Jesus, to accept the plan of God in our life. We surrender like Jesus surrendered when the appointed time arrived for him. He never blamed himself or God. He accepted the plan of God in his life. We should never blame ourselves and God in our lives. We need to accept the plan of God.

May the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all. Amen...

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