Summary: revival 2018 part 2

“Create in me a clean heart, Oh God”

Psalm 51

2 Samuel 11-12

As you know our Old Time Tent revival is just 2 weeks away

And like I said last week I am excited

Revival brings newness to a church and a community

Revival bring life back into Old Dry bones

And Revival changes hearts and lives

I am excited about the changes in the hearts that are about to happen

I am excited about what God has planned for the weeks to come

For the years to come

In my life

In your lives

The life of this church and the community

If you are not excited

Check your pulse

Or check your salvation

One or the other is missing

And either way your dry bones need reconciliation or revival

At the end of last weeks service

I challenged each of you to pick 5 unsaved people in your lives

And commit to pray daily for them

For as long as it takes

That someone would be able to reach them for Jesus

Either you or someone

I issue this challenge again

Will you do it?

Will you invite your friends and family?

Those at the bank or feedstore

Those at work

To come in 2 weeks and hear the preaching of God’s word

And be revived?

Last week we looked at Ezekiel’s vision about the restoration of Israel

And we saw that Preaching

Personal bible study

A productive prayer life

The power of God almighty

And repentance

Are all requirements of revival

And how revival start first in our minds

Moves to our hearts

Into our hands and feet

Into our voices

As we proclaim Jesus Christ to all who will hear

It starts in us

Moves into the church and then and only then

Into the community and the world

I spent a lot of time on repentance last week

And this week I will continue with that teaching

Once again

Not a popular topic in the world today

Unfortunately, not a popular topic in the church today

But a must for Revival

A must for Spiritual Growth


If you want to grow spiritually

If you want all that God has for you

And to become all he wants you to be

Repentance is a must

We need more repentance in our hearts

We need more repentance in our churches

We need more repentance in the world

And without it there will be no revival

Today I want to look at just a small part of one man’s life

His name is David

A shepherd

Giant Killer


A man’s after God’s own heart

And a sinner

Like all men

David was used mightily by God

And God blessed him, his family and the nation of Israel through him

I we leave out the less desirable parts of his story

We could easily see him as perfect

As just a story

Something or someone we could never become

But todays lesson shows a deeper side of David

A darker side of David

The story comes from 2 Samuel 11 and 12

I will just tell it to you in my words today, as I want to get to a latter part of the story

But I encourage you to read this for yourself

David has been blessed by God

And David has gotten complacent

God’s word said it was in the time when Kings went to war

And David’s army was fighting

But David was laying up in the shade

On the roof of his palace one day

He looked down upon another roof and saw Bathsheba wife of Uriah the Hittite


He liked what he saw- Sin One

Sent for her

Slept with her- sin two

And she became pregnant

Now her husband was off fighting for King David

So, David called him home

Got him drunk- Sin Three

Tried to send him home to sleep with his wife

Which he refused to do, at this point Uriah had much more integrity than David

So, he sent Uriah back to war

Ordered one of his generals to send Uriah into the hottest part of the battle- Sin four

And then pull back so he would be killed- Sin 5

David. a man after God’s own heart

Made a big mess of things because he could not control his lust

And one sin led to another

And one man lost his life

David took his wife Sin 6

And tried to hide his sins- Sin 7

After a period of time

A Prophet named Nathan called him on his sin

He told a story about a man who had only one sheep a little lamb that was his pet

And how a wealthy man who owned many sheep stole this man’s lamb to host a barbeque

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