Summary: Can we really explain the creation of the universe when we were not there?

Let’s continue our worship by listening to what more God has to say through the Book of Job. Open your Bibles to Job 38…. We had noted from the beginning of the Book of Job that Satan challenged God that Job would curse God if he lost all his priced possessions and his health. God allowed sufferings for Job but Job never cursed God as Satan thought he would! As a matter of fact, after Satan’s challenge in Job chapter 2, we never hear again from Satan. God answered Satan’s question right away; Job 3-42 is for us today to learn from!

Job’s friends found out about Job’s sufferings and at first they empathized with Job; but after Job spoke out about his sufferings and wished he was dead, Job’s friends aggressively told Job that his sufferings were caused by his sins against God! Job kept saying that he was not aware of any sin but his friends strongly confronted Job that he must confess to God because in their own mind God would only bring all that pain because of sin!

God finally spoke in Job Chapters 38-41. God challenged Job, and in a way all his friends, and in a way all people (including every person today), by asking questions which only God can truly answer! What was the point of God’s questioning? No matter how smart, how religious, how ambitious a person is, they can never know everything! Only God knows everything!

I believe the main point of what God was emphasizing in Job 38-41 is that people must accept the fact the God is the Creator of everything and knows everything, while people are created beings by God, who can only truly know what God shares!

How do we view God today? Here’s the problem: because God gave humans brains to think with, many people think they can figure out and know everything! Human beings want to be their own God which is a sin against God! Even as Christians, we accept being saved from our sins, but yet we still want to live our lives our way!

God is a jealous God! Let us note that Satan wanted to be god and God judged him to be separated from heaven forever and will eventually be in an eternal judgment in hell. It is very important that we are not lured into not humbling ourselves before our Creator God everyday!

I have decided that we will look at passages in Job 38-42 and note how people today are trying to figure out on their own what God is saying can not be answered by human beings! We, even Christians, can fall in the trap of not trusting what God says in Scriptures! And so, let us note how we can stand firm on God’s Word and be prepared to answer the world!

Let’s look at Job 38:1-18; read along with me….

V4-18: God talks about His creation of the earth and the universe!

God asked Job and every person “Where you there when the earth and the universe was formed?” God told Job and for all human beings, you can not know all about the formation of the earth and the universe for you did not even exist then! God also emphasized that Job understands this! God is the Creator and human beings are the created! Every person in the world is challenged by God to believe that God is the Sole Creator of everything! Are you and I truly grasping this?

Here’s the problem for today: People will say “we may not have been there at the start of the universe, BUT, we can figure it out!” The world without believing in God can be so convincing, we Christians must be discerning! How are they doing it?

The world is trying to figure out the universe without God by saying:

1. Anything is possible billions and billions of years ago!

2. There are MANY possible “theories” how the universe started!

3. The “Big Bang” Theory is the most probable!

4. The more we “explore” the universe, the more we’ll figure it out!

What can Christians, Believers of the Word of God, say about these “worldly” statements about the origin of the universe?

1. All “theories” about the origin of the universe are just that, “THEORIES”!

2. The more we explore the universe, the more questions come up!

3. Where did all that stuff come from before the “Big Bang”?

4. Is it really too hard to believe in a Creator in comparison to believe in billions and billions of years ago?

Let’s also look for today Job 38:19-21; read along with me….

God challenged Job and challenges every human being, “do you really know where light and darkness comes from?”

God is the only One who truly understands light and darkness!

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