Summary: God provides all because of love!

In preparation for Communion, let us highlight what is said in this Psalm.

Verses 1-6 basically tell us that God speaks through His creation! What we call nature is all created by God. Everyday God speaks to us and teaches us! Let’s take a moment just to look at the sky and all nature; ponder what God may be telling you; try to see God in every creation….

If nature is not enough for a person to hear God, what do we note in v7-9??

God speaks through Words in Scriptures, the Bible! And what do we note in v10? God speaks to us and He provides for us for our physical needs; but God tells us that His Words which are spiritual are more precious that any material thing. Later we will enjoy things as good as honey and we enjoy many material things every day. Something to think about: How much do we enjoy the Bible in comparison to food and other material things?

God created everything, speaks to, teaches, and provides for people! Life should be a breeze!!

But v11-13 tells us that people have at least 3 major problems?

V11 tells us that people do not keep God’s instructions.

V12 reminds us that we really don’t know what’s right or wrong!

V13 reminds us that the power of sin, going against God, can overpower us!

And so, basically, even though our Creator God has given us everything we need, all of us disobey God! As they say in NASA “Houston, we have a problem!” Every person in the world, including you and me, have a problem; we were born into sin and we are all stained with sin; all of us disobey God!

Now, let us note that a solution can never be found unless one accepts and understands the problem. We all have a problem of saying no to God!

But back to Psalm 19, the human author of the Psalm who represents all people states in the second part of v13 that one can be blameless and innocent before God! According to v14, what must one do to be blameless and innocent before God??

Basically, it is what Romans 10:9 states “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Do we all understand that we sin against God and we need to be saved from the judgment of sin? A Holy God cannot be affiliated with sin!

The only One who can redeem people from their sin is Jesus Christ; over and over in Scriptures we read, Jesus Christ is Redeemer, the Only One who died for all of people’s sin.

Communion with the bread and the drink is a way of proclaiming our faith in Jesus Christ. If you are a Believer of Jesus Christ, then celebrate with Communion. If you have never believed and accepted Jesus Christ as your only Savior and God, do it now, and celebrate communion. If you are really not believing in who Jesus is, then please do not take communion for you will be mocking God and there will be repercussions. This warning also goes to parents who have little ones who really cannot yet understand why Jesus died, do not force Communion on them but teach them as soon as you can.

Let us pray…..

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