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Summary: My hope in this series is that we can come to a good understanding of who the God of the Bible is so that we can share this truth with others, and help those who doubt or wonder. But here’s what we can’t do. We can’t just tell people this is who God is b

Billions of people in our world are asking, is there a God, and if so who is he or what is he. Is there one or are there many? If you have grown up in the church, you probably haven’t been exposed to these questions very often, probably never had to wrestle with the thoughts, but the majority of the world still does. If we want to reach a lost world and be relevant, we need to know how to answer these kinds of questions with an argument that makes sense to unbelievers.

My hope in this series is that we can come to a good understanding of who the God of the Bible is so that we can share this truth with others, and help those who doubt or wonder. But here’s what we can’t do. We can’t just tell people this is who God is because the Bible says so. That works if you believe the Bible to be true, and the actual word of God. But for the general population this is like saying Sasquatch is real because I read it in the National Enquirer. The Bible is only sacred to those who believe it.

So as we explore who God is, obviously we will be using the Bible as our guide, but we will also look at how science and philosophy also lead us to the conclusions in the Bible.

Now the first thing we see if we are looking at the Bible is that God is the creator of all things. That is a very bold statement in itself and there are even Christians who are having trouble taking this all literally. Our culture, and science specifically refutes this claim saying it isn’t possible based on the scientific evidence. But the scientific evidence is no more valid than the Biblical evidence.

Here’s what it says in the very first sentence of the Bible, in Genesis, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Literally before anything was known, or existed, God made firmness (all physical matter) and a container for it - space. This isn’t just planet earth, and a place we like to call heaven. It basically means there was nothing but the consciousness of God. He created the nothingness that we call space (the invisible container) for all things physical. One cannot exist without the other.

Now the next thing he had to do so that any of the living things he created could survive and perceive this matter, was light. Notice what it says in verse 2, this firmness of matter was without form and empty. There was darkness in the abyss. Hebrews 11:3 says, “By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of the things that are visible. I think this could be a good argument for the description of invisible atoms that make up all matter. Let me explain.

In this passage it says that the Spirit of God was essentially vibrating over the face of the waters. Scholars are quite sure this refers to water vapour which at the right temperature is also invisible. You can see the water vapours in your breath when it’s cold out, but not as you breathe them out right now. The word face means presence as in “In the face of danger”.

So everything is still invisible and without form, if we were looking at it, just a huge abyss of darkness with the elements existing but not visible to the naked eye. God’s consciousness or Spirit is hovering or moving through the midst of this. Suddenly he creates illumination. Now if we look at the Hebrew words used here, we are actually talking about the creation of time.

It is literally the illumination of the concept of day and the opposite of day. Why is this so crucial to understand? Because matter cannot exist outside of time and space. This illumination is the ability to perceive that something exists and then does not exist. God and consciousness does not have this quality (it has no beginning or end) so it was necessary for him to energize the matter in order that it could be perceived to exist in space and time.

So follow me here. All the particles for matter exist but in no form, water molecules exist, and now because of the introduction of time, there is the ability to know something exists in space and time. Space, matter, and time have now come to exist and without all three, none of the others can exist. Physics can prove this.

So now all the components necessary for things to exist in space and time are present in this vast abyss of heaven, and the Spirit of God begins to vibrate over it all and says let there be light. Many believe that this is also the beginning of energy. Energy is in the form of waves of movement and light. Science has proved that energy cannot create itself out of nothing and cannot be destroyed, only changed. With this vibration and light energy, things start to emerge out of the nothingness start to organize. The Spirit or breath of God has energized particles into things, just like it gave life to the dust that would become the first human.

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