Summary: Crossing The Line

Crossing The Line

Judges 6:1 & 6 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD: and the LORD delivered them into the hand of Midian seven years. 6 And Israel was greatly impoverished because of the Midianites; and the children of Israel cried unto the LORD.

I have been hearing something in my Spirit this week

I keep hearing: It's time to Cross the Line.

You've crossed the Line: I'm sure you've heard that phrase used, I know I have, It usually means that you have crossed a boundary, it may be a boundary of acceptable behavior, or it may be that you have said something that violated or crossed that boundary,

it may be that somebody has acted inappropriately toward you & crossed the line and lost your respect.

When I was a child, sometimes at the point of confrontation one kid would draw a line in the dirt and dare the other kid to cross it.

If the challenge was accepted and the line was crossed it meant you were committed, No turning back now, no more words it's time to fight.

There are many Lines in this world: Boundaries if you will, some invisible yet no less real, There is a line where water turns into ice. Or water turns into steam, there is a line where speed catches up to sound and penetrates a barrier called the sound barrier.

There is a line between right and wrong, good and bad. There is a line between true and false and there is a line between pure and perverse: (And there is a line between spectator and participator)

This is what I call the Line or point of no return.

Every Pilot knows that Take-off and landing can be the most dangerous points of any flight; Every Pilot knows that there is a time during the take-off procedure that is called the point of no return,

all though there is no visible line on the runway

the pilot knows it is there. "it is just before lift-off, "

At that point, the aircraft is going at such a speed

that it has to reach for the sky. The plane has to be airborne even if there's an emergency on board.

At this point there is no turning back, you can't change your mind, you can't decide you don't want

to go, at this point to try and abort would be certain death. [At this point instead of saying: We have just passed the point of no return] (You may more likely hear the pilot say: We're committed) Which means the same thing (we're in it all the way: We've come to far to turn back) either we fly or we crash, there's

no in between, there's no middle ground)

We have crossed the line.

So many times we have people in the church that enjoy the service, they want to come to church when they feel like it, and they even contribute sometimes,

(but there is a major difference between a contribution and a commitment.)

When I think about commitment, I think about the chicken and the pig who are walking down the road together and they come across a restaurant,

the chicken looks at the pig and says

(I'm hungry, the pig agrees, I'm hungry too).

Then the chicken says: Hey I'd like some

ham and eggs; I'm willing how about you?

And the pig looks at the chicken and says:

Are you crazy, for you it's just a small contribution but for me it's the whole hog.

The point I'm making is there are a lot of people in the church who are willing every now and then to make a contribution, but not that many who want to go whole hog, not that many who are willing to commit.

I come to you today under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to tell you that God is calling his people to commitment: God is not looking for half hearted,

half baked, half in and half out, half up and half down, maybe yes and maybe no Christians:

This is the time to declare your-self, this is the time to make your calling and election sure, this is the time to cross the line. Shout , I’m Crossing the Line…

I am sorry to say That This is a line that many Christians never cross:, They go to church, they sing and shout, speak in tongues maybe even dance once in a while and yet never cross the line, (That line I'm speaking of is the Battle line) it is the place of commitment, it's where words are not enough, it's, where we put up or shut up, it's where the war is being waged, It's where you're “all in”, no turning back, you've passed the point of no return) You can't back up or back down, there's no surrender, no retreat.

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