Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon concludes the series

This morning I want to bring a bookend conclusion to our Crossroads sermon series. Today you, the members of His church here at Harmony are at an intersection. This metaphor of Crossroads has been the theme of our time here, and just like after a good meal especially a thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, it is doubly good to eat it a second and third time, I want to once again remind of you of the central truths of this series.

Turn with me again to Numbers Chapter 13 beginning in verse 1 The Israelites are at the brink of the Promised Land. -A land that was beyond their wildest dreams. Entering that land would be as dramatic as Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz black and white to Color…A land beyond their wildest dreams. But there at the edge, at the brink a choice was needed to be made would they settle for less than the best or would they seize the day.

Listen as the passage is read

There is not a sadder passage in all of the Bible, the people at the verge of the promised land looked within instead heavenward and proclaimed it is an incredible land beyond our wildest hopes and dreams, but there is no way we can possess it. We are as tiny as grasshoppers in their eyes. We CAN’T DO IT.

This scene is played out everyday in churches throughout our land. Churches who are given opportunities and tasks by God. Promises to be claimed, but we look around and we proclaim It is too much. We are too small. We can’t do it. And in the midst of it all miss the blessing.

Thousands of people are un-churched who claim no religious affiliation right here in this area. And so you sit right here on the verge of a land that God desires to give you and a people who need to know there is a hope and a savior. And so this church sits at this crossroads will you seize the day and take possession of what God has promised or will you look at all the reasons why it could never happen.

Hopefully two truths that have been repeatedly throughout these weeks will stick. First, This church is not your church it is His Church. And you are members of His church. The church is not an organization but a living organism who needs all its members to be all it can be. Second, it is time we reverse the way we do church. You as members of this body are the true players and your pastor is but a coach. Each Sunday a true worship service would be one where you are commissioned as members to be His missionaries in your personal mission fields. It is time we release the members to be salt and light missionaries.

Today at this cross roads remember further that in order to be all that God wants us to be, we must cultivate a listening and discerning ear. We must learn to listen to God, and then obey him. Listen, trust, and obey. It is that simple.

When is the last time you personally heard a word from God, a word of encouragement, a word of task, a work of rebuke, a word of direction. If we truly believe that God is a personal God who wants to direct and guide our steps then shouldn’t we expect a regular personal word from God. God speaks to each of us through his word, through certain circumstances, Godly counsel, and through Spirit-led prayers.

All across our land our churches filled with people who are not passionate and are getting second generation copies, and day old doughnuts...Our churches are waiting for the next great leader or program instead of daring to ask God what is my part and staying alert long enough to get an answer. And because of this, many of our churches are stale and stagnate. A museum of what was to their particular community. It is time we be more,

If you want to move forward, then you must listen and obey the words of God. But because God is a holy and perfect God you must overcome some of these obstacles.

1. Are you saved? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? If your answer is I am not sure, then perhaps your not. The true test is the fruit that is produced in a changed life.

2. Is there un-confessed public or private sin? When you go to prayer does God keep bringing up the same needed action and you keep pushing it down?

3 .Busyness- We live in a day where time is more valuable than money. If you never sit alone with God reading his word and praying to him, how will you ever hear, the noises of the world will always drown him out. You must make a choice.

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