Summary: Mark writing to the Roman Christian wanted to pass the word, Jesus is alive!

Crucifixion According To Mark

Mark 15:16-39

Matthew wrote to the Jews

John wrote to the who so ever

Luck Wrote to the Gentiles

Marks appears to be writing to the Romans.

The Gospel is for everybody.

As Mark writes to the Romans and we see the crucifixion we will see something unique to Marks account.

In Rome on the throne we know that there is a ruler.

An Emperor called Cesar.

Many different names depending when you think Mark wrote this one possibility would be Nero.

This seems to be a lot of back ground but it is important to know before we go to our Text.

In this day we see a familiar activity to all Cesar’s that is called Emperor Worship.

On a given day of each year has a parade in his honor.

He is escorted to a certain place where he will be declared to be god.

The people would pass by him and say 3 words.

“Cysar es Curious” Cesar is Lord

That is what got the Christian in trouble. How do you declare esus to be Lord and then call Cesar Lord?

Let’s open to Mark 15:16

1. When Cesar has his parade, they call it a “Triumphal Parade”

His parade always became in the same place called the “Praetorium Hall”.

It is the governors place where there a the elite forces who guard the governor.

Verse 16

Do you see a similarity?

2. Always Cesar would be dressed up in royal closes.

They would place purple robes on him.

They would place a crown on his head.

They would take makeup and put red ruse on his cheeks like he had just been into battle. (Picture that he had conquered the enemies and overcome his foes).

Vs. 17 Read

Looks like Mark might be up to something

3. When Cesar was marched by, this was the time that the people would be required to bow down and declare him to be god. (hale Cesar)

They would throw down olive branches or place their coats

Vs. 18

You think that Mark is showing the death march of Jesus as a triumphant, victorious march.

As Cesar went by they would throw a kiss.

Vs. 19

They mocked Jesus instead of kissing Jesus they spit on him.

3. On the day of the Triumphant parade the called out the army. It is called the Roman Cohort. 600 solders.

Vs. 20. the verb “led Him out” is the same word for Cohort.

Look at Vs. 16 The whole band.

I thought that was the worst day when Jesus was to be taken and killed on the cross. But looks like Mark as another thought.

“what you think as a death march is a victory parade”

Vs. 21

On the parade with Cesar there would be an Ox, or a Goat. Walking beside Cesar and going to be sacrificed.

The executioner would walk along with his double bladed axe.

It was a long handle with a blade on each side.

Anybody see the similarities?

Vs. 21 bares the cross just like Nero would have someone alone side carrying an axe. HMMM?

Looks to me that Jesus is going to be declared the true God.

Jesus is not the victim his is the victor.

Where is this parade going to

Roman parade is going to a place called the Capital line hill. The highest hill in Rome.

I wonder where the precision of Jesus is going. Would not surprise me if he went to a hill?

Capital in Latin means head

Vs. 22 they take Jesus to the place of the skull.

He when there to die for me.

When they get to the hill they give Cesar a container filled with wine, a symbol of jubilation.

Could I convince you that they tried to give Jesus something to drink?

Vs. 23

It was a drink to help him with pain. Jesus turned it down and faced the full penalty of sin that I deserve.

It is time to slay the animal. The executioner raises the ax and with one blow blood was shed for Cesar.

Vs. 24

Jesus was placed on the cross and his blood was shed.

Interesting that when they paraded Cesar through the streets they would carry a sign “Cesar King Of The World”

Every time our President makes a speech there is a sign in from of Him “The President of the United States”

I think Jesus may have had a sign of his own

Vs. 26

“King of The Jews”. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Even the thief on the cross saw the sign and believed.

A gospel track placed up there by the state government.

Then is came time for testimonies. Some would stand up and brag on Cesar.

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