Summary: This seromon outline deal with great faith

The Crumbs are Enough

Matthew 15:21-28

(Mark 7:24-30)

Miracles # 21

Today we are in the 21st sermon on the Miracles of Jesus. As I started reading the text of Scripture that is in the context of this message I was a little confused. Why was Jesus silent what did not Jesus stop and have mercy on this lady? As I read and as I studied I have seen the purpose. I believe that Jesus was tired of the Jews give, give, and give mentality with no real commitment or no real change. Jesus wanted to see if she real faith.

I. Jesus was looking for a place to rest from the pressure He was under.

Mark’s Gospel tells us that He entered a house and wanted no one to know it. He left the nation of Israel.

A. He was under the pressure of the crowds always wanting a miracle. Crowding Him and pushing Him.

B. He was under the threat of death by Herod, Herod had just killed John The Baptist.

C. He was under constant threat of the religious leaders.

Jesus needed to get away He needed to rest. There are a lot of people that do so much and they do not think they need to rest, and they end up burning out and becoming useless to the cause of Christ. I know preachers that do not take vacations or take time to rest and they say well time is short and they need to do all they can, but if they don’t rest they will not be effective. People that do not take time to rest will have problems. I encourage people to take their vacations to get away from the normal pressures of life. If Jesus needed to get away and rest, to pray, and to take time for Himself what makes us think that we do not need to do the same thing.

II. The next thing I see is a picture of great faith.

NOTE: If you want to know what great faith looks like you can find it here.

A. Great faith is found when a person has attitude of repentance.

NOTE: She was pleading for mercy. Mercy is unearned favor.

This lady left her pagans gods in order to come to Jesus. Repentance is a turning from one thing to another to go a different direction. She left the gods that could not help her and turned to the only one that could.

B. Great faith is found when faith is directed to The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of David.

What do we have faith in today? There are many times our faith is in the wrong things, things that do not matter. This lady had faith in Jesus.

C. Great faith is persistent.

She would not give up she keep on even when it seemed Jesus was ignoring her. She would not stop. We need to keep asking keep knocking and keep seeking. Jesus hears our prayers but for some reason he want to see if we will give up.

D. Great faith is seen in humility.

She worshiped Him. She literally bowed before him or some say laid on her face before Christ and cried out Lord help me. I can’t do it only you can help me. God wants people who are humble, not full of themselves.

She was willing to eat the crumbs.

III. The reaction of Jesus to the Lady.

A. He was silent to her.

B. He refused her. (I am to the house of Israel)

C. He rebuked her. I can’t give food that belongs to the children to dogs.

NOTE: This was in a real sense an insult but she was not upset no was she stopped she wanted something. To what extent are you willing to go to get a blessing from God?

D. He rewarded her Great faith.

NOTE: Why was her faith great? John MacArthur writes her faith was great because she had less light then the Jews. (MacArthur New Testament Commentary Matthew 8-15 p.468)

Her faith was great because she knew the crumbs of Jesus’ power were enough to heal her daughter.

What are some lessons that we can take home today?

1. We all need to rest.

2. We all need to have great faith. Faith that says the crumbs are enough.

3. That Jesus will reward great faith.

* This sermon a lot of the study can from John MacArthur and Warren Werisbe*

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