Summary: We all get into situations when we need to cry out to God. This outline tells the story of blind man who did.

1. Bartimaeus was in a bad situation

A. He was blind

1. In that day blind men had no hope

2. There’s no cure for blindness

B. He was a beggar

1. Unable to work for food or money

2. He was dependent on others

C. He was unable to enjoy life

2. Bartimaeus cried out

A. He cried out to Jesus for mercy

1. He wasn’t just crying out for anyone in general He cried out

for the saviour

a. The one who saves

b. The on who delivers

c. The one always on time

B. He cried out repetively

1. He was determined to get the attention of Jesus

2. People around him tried to discourage him

a. People aren’t always on our side

C. He got the attention of Jesus

1. Faith is what stopped Jesus in His tracks

a. When we cry out is when we show our faith in Him

b. Faith is the only way to get to God

3. The results of crying out to Jesus

A. The concentration Of Jesus is on you

1. Jesus called for him to come forth

2. Jesus showed concern by asking him what he wanted

B. Jesus changes the situation

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