Summary: Remember to cry out to Jesus any time you need Him.


Text: Psalm 70


• Have you ever been in a situation where you needed help and you needed it right now?

Matthew 14 – Jesus walks across Sea of Galilee in midst of storm

• Fear; “It is I; be not afraid”

• Peter steps out on water, starts to sink; one of shortest recorded prayers in the Bible: “Lord, save me”

• Didn’t have time to put in all the “thees and thous” and all the impressive religious words

• David in same situation; needed help and needed it now

• David’s cry, David’s concern, David’s confidence

A. David’s Cry (v. 1)

1. Save me completely (deliver me)

• Not told specifically what problem was, but we know that evil men were seeking to harm or kill David

• Needed problem dealt with in its entirety

2. Help me quickly

• Don’t know the urgency, but David may have been experiencing threats to his kingdom or his throne in his later years (Psalm 71 may be a continuation)

B. David’s Concern (vv. 2 – 4)

1. May the godless be exposed (vv. 2, 3)

• Disgrace them (make ashamed)

• Disorient them (confound)

• Defeat them (turned backward)

o David is asking that their wicked deeds backfire upon them

2. May the godly be enthused (v. 4)

• Even though he was in great distress, still took time to consider others and to praise the Lord

C. David’s Confidence (v. 5)

1. I have no self-confidence (v. 5a)

• David was powerless to do anything

2. I have only God-confidence (v. 5b)

• He knew that God could help him


• Do you have an urgent need?

o Need to make a decision; loved one sick and in pain; persecuted by coworkers; financial problems; family member addicted to drugs or alcohol; broken heart; emotional problems; lost loved ones who refuse to listen; habit that you can’t seem to break; concern over children or grandchildren; attack by satan and his helpers; salvation; need revival

• Follow David’s example:

o Cry out to Jesus

o Be specific and tell Him what you need

o Trust Him to answer in His time and His way

o Be willing to accept His answer

o Praise Him for answering your prayer

• Song: “Cry Out to Jesus”

• Title of Psalm: “to bring to remembrance”

o Remember to cry out to Jesus anytime you need Him

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