Summary: friend’s betrayal, an illegal trial, an execution and an empty grave. What do these things have in common? Enter the world of CSI and search for the truth with the entire Cross Scene Investigation team. Delve deeply into the mysteries of four baffling cr

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CSI: Cross Scene Investigation

Week 3: Investigating the Cross

[Before the message each week, a CSI style drama was performed to examine that weeks evidence]

Last Two Weeks – Investigated the Betrayal of Judas / Learned -Betray Ourselves Investigated the Trial – Pilot’s ignored the Truth about Christ

As you Saw DRAMA – This Week we are Investigating the Cross

For Many in our Culture – the Cross has a lot of Different meanings. What does the cross mean to YOU?

Some: Cross is a Fashion Statement!! Rappers & Pop Artist - large Gold / around neck

Many may remember - Madonna told Spin magazine:

"Crucifixes are sexy because there’s a naked man on them."

Web site in INDIA is advertising Crosses (w/o Christ) popular Fashion Statement. They Claim that wearing a Cross is a universal Fashion statement – not just a Religious One

For OTHERS – Symbol of Their Religious Affiliation / Catholic or Christian

The Cross - HUGE part of our Culture / Churches / Cemeteries / Jewelry

But for MOST it’s Lost its SIGNIFICANCE. We’ve Made it PRETTY – SHINEY GOLD / Fashionable

Reality of the Cross is that is was an Implement of Torture & Death!!

FACTS Crucifixion: Invented by the Persians / Perfected by the Romans. Purpose of the Cross was to Maximize PAIN & SUFFERING / Total Humiliation

Romans Reserved the Cross – Worst Criminals / SLAVES / or those in Rebellion to Caesar

In fact – against Roman Law to use it against most of their Own Citizens / high treason

Typically – the Convicted man - cross beam strapped to Their Shoulders – carry to Place

Thrown down – SKILLED Soldier place Nail – Wrist Bones – careful to miss Artery

Once Driven – SMASH the MAIN Median Nerve / Shock Waves – Brain / Rub against nail

Arms were often tied – Hoisted in AIR to Top of Cross / SHOULDERS – Often Dislocate

Once Secured – Feet would be pulled together / Overlapped / NAILED Straight Through

THOUGH the arms were Secured / Lower body would SAG onto the Nails in the Feet

DEATH – not from Wounds, but from SUFFICATION, / To BREATH – move up & down Nails

Crucifixion was not a Very Bloody / BUT for Jesus – Horribly Bloody. Unlike Most people Crucified / Jesus was Scourged – Not Just a Whip/ Iron balls & bone. Iron would raise up DEEP Welts / Bone would then tear open those Contusions / Though a Common Punishment / Victim was Whipped to Unconsciousness – not DEATH! Often Performed by two Solders on either Side / Shoulders to the Back of the Legs

In the Story of Christ’s suffering – Pilate only Whipped Jesus to SOOTH the Crowd / Wasn’t His intension to Crucify. The Solders – Caught up in the Moment / Placed a Rob on Jesus’ beaten Back

Since he was ACCUSED of Being a KING / Place a Crown of Thorns – Head

Blood was now flowing from Open Wounds on His Back / Head / BOTH RUB – CROSS!!

Finally – Jesus’ heart finally gave out, which was Confirmed by the spear to the Side / Water & Blood

Context, the Cross is no More Fashionable – Then an Electric Chair or a Hang Man’s Noose

Not saying its wrong to wear!! There’s nothing Sexy or Fashionable about Death!!

What does the Cross mean to You?

[Video: What does the cross mean to you? / Sermon Spice]

REALITY – The Cross Contradicts Most of the Ideals we Value in our CULTURE!!


Pain vs. Comfort / Nakness vs. Strength

To our SUCCESS Minded Culture – The Cross & the one Who Died On it – FOOLISH!!

"The teaching about the cross is foolishness to those who are lost." 1 Corinthians 1:18 (NCV)

What does the Cross Mean to You?

To those who do not understand, the cross is FOOLISH –“WASTE OF TIME!!”

Yet, Millions of People have found Comfort & Hope in It! Why – Give their lives for it?

Why is a the Symbol of Death & Pain & Suffering – Symbol of LIFE for Christians?

Jesus said “When I have been lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people toward me." John 12:32 (GW)

There’s something about the cross that BECOMES a point of CONNECTION w/ People

Something about the Cross - DRAWS People to Christ / COMPELS People to COME!

What is it? You have to EXAMINE the EVIDENCE!! Examine True Mean & Purpose!!

First thing You’ll Find when you . . . Examine The Evidence of the Cross . . .

1. You’ll Find God’s PROVISION

To Understand the Cross – WE Must Come to Understand OUR NEED!!

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