Summary: verse by verse through Acts

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[2] This week we find ourselves back in the book of Acts learning how we can be the church instead of how we can just go to church. As we continue our studies we keep in mind that our main goal as a church it to help people become mature followers of Jesus Christ.

But let me ask you this, are there certain people, or people groups that you have a hard time reaching out to because they are just so different? Maybe it’s their religious background, maybe it’s their ethnic background, maybe it’s their financial situation or maybe it’s their immoral lifestyle that keeps you at a distance. [3] They are so culturally different that you won’t even attempt to reach out to them with God’s love.

[Liberal family members example.]

And you know what we do sometimes? We don’t even take the time to share God with those people because our cultures clash so much. We write them off and try to convince ourselves that it’s someone else’s job to witness to them. All because we either don’t understand their culture or because we can’t stand their culture.

But if God’s put that person in my life, then maybe God wants me to talk with them.

- I’ll bet if that culturally different person’s in your family – God wants you to talk to them.

- I’ll bet if that culturally different person sits next to you on the bleachers as you watch your kids play soccer every week– God wants you to talk to them.

- I’ll bet if that culturally different person is one of your co-workers – God wants you to talk to them.

You see, when it comes to sharing God’s love with someone, we need to learn how to

[4] become culture-blind. Our differences with people shouldn’t keep us from giving them a chance to know the God of the universe.

Now there are times when we need to take a person’s culture into account. When hiring a babysitter for our kids we wouldn’t hire someone who’s cultural background is that of a criminal. When having a practicing Buddhist over for dinner we wouldn’t serve him a sacred cow on a bun called a hamburger.

There are times when we need to be culture-sensitive. But when it comes to who we share God’s love with, we need to be culture-blind.

In Acts chapter ten the Apostle Peter is going to learn how to be culture blind when it comes to sharing the gospel. You see the church back then was dominated by Jewish leadership and even Jewish tradition. Most of the church leaders believed that even as Christians they still needed to uphold all of the laws and traditions of the Old Testament. They even thought that if a non-Jewish person wanted to become a Christian they too must uphold the Old Testament laws like circumcision and ceremonial washing.

This would be an issue that the church would deal with for a while. You see, when Christ came He didn’t invalidate the Old Testament – He fulfilled it. Therefore there was no need to continue to perform some of the Jewish religious traditions that looked forward to the Savior. This incident in Acts chapter ten would help the church to better understand that.

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