Summary: If God gave you the opportunity to write on your own tombstone what you did from the time of your conversion unto death would there be anything God-honorable you could write? I implore you to learn and use your gifts for God's glory!

What can I do?

1 Corinthians 12:1-12

Online Sermon:

Has God ever made a mistake? When He created the heavens, and the earth were they not a product of divine perfection (Genesis 1)? Do not the infinite complexities of this universe (Job 38) constantly point to the eternal power and divine nature of God (Romans 1:20) to do infinitely more than we could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)? When it comes to justice has God ever wronged anyone? After all, who better to judge than the Alpha and Omega (Revelation 22:13) who knit us in our mother’s womb, and knows every word, thought and deed everyone will ever do (Psalms 139)? Are not injustices a product of a fallen world that serves multiple gods the chief of which is self that never stops coveting all that is seen? And even when God allows us to go through tribulations does, He not promise that if we persevere our spiritual maturity will increase (James 1:2-4)? And even if God allows us to die early how can this be an injustice when the wages of our sin deserve death (Genesis 3:19; Romans 6:23), and in considering eternity that is in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11), is not going home early to be with the Lord a blessing? And has not God demonstrated perfect love by sending His one and only Son Jesus to die once and for everyone (John 3:16; 1 Peter 3:8)? In being slow to return does not Christ demonstrate infinite mercy by offering the Fallen a lifetime of chances to repent, have faith in Him and become eternal, masterpieces of His grace (2 Peter 3:9)? Surely those who were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) and a little lower than the angels (Psalms 8:5), who are only righteous (Romans 3:9-20) because of faith in the atoning sacrifice of the Son, dare not be like Job (chapter 40) and suggest God has done injustice or ever made a wrong decision! Today’s sermon is going to be about gifting and the divine call of God in your life but before I review today’s passage, please establish in your minds that Gods’ ways and decisions are infinitely higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9) and as such He alone can guide us into ways everlasting with perfection!

Each Believer has a Divine Role

When God saved you, He did so with a divine task in mind to be assigned specifically to you! Even when God’s eyes saw your body yet to be formed your days were ordained and written in His book (Psalms 139:16). While God does not need human hands to serve Him (Acts 17:25) out of love He invites His own to be His hands and feet, living sacrifices that through the power of the Holy Spirit can know and obey His good and perfect will (Romans 12:2)! The answer to the opening question is that God does not make mistakes and therefore one need not worry that one’s life is a product of luck, chance, or fate but is the design of a loving Creator who in His justice, mercy and grace has gifted you to do unspeakable and glorious things in His name! You are fearfully and wonderfully made not to explore any broad path your heart desires but to travel the narrow road (Matthew 7:13-14) and fulfill the spiritual reason and divine purpose in which you were formed! “God made you with your initials stamped on your heart as a custom made saint” perfectly designed to do His will in your life! For example, Isaiah 42:2 says that “God made you and will keep you for His purpose.” Ephesians 1:2 says that God has chosen you for a purpose in which Psalms 138:8 says the Lord wants to fulfill. To spend one’s entire life trying to “find oneself” by trying out every desirable path possible leads to tension and frustration within one’s soul for until one strives to fulfill one’s divinely appointed role one is simply not “living up to the reason for one’s existence!” God did not make you for you but in love to fulfill a divine role in His kingdom!

The Assignment of Spiritual Gifts and Roles

While God assigning the “dust” of the earth to accomplish divine roles might seem like an exercise in futility it certainly is not for what is asked the “indwelling Christ enables!” The moment a person becomes born again he/she receives from the Holy Spirit supernatural gifts of various kinds. Just like no one would be expected to use a hockey stick in a tennis game, a watermelon for a football, a golf club in a rifle competition, a tricycle in a car race; God does not expect us to accomplish divine goals without the right spiritual giftings! These gifts are intended to be used in a Christ-like attitude of servanthood, are a result of God’s powerful working in a person’s life, and are to be used for mutual edification of the church body (Ephesians 4:1-13). They are not to be confused with natural abilities but are the manifestation of the Spirit to enable a person to do uncommon or “supernatural” things in the kingdom of God! As one finds diversity and unity within the Triune Godhead so one also finds diverse gifting inside a unified church. The great news is that no one needs to worry about being left out or that they will receive lessor or the wrong gifting for the same Spirit that distributes the gifts and service to each person does so that they might excel at the divine goals God has assigned them! While the Bible gives a “variety of partial lists” of spiritual giftings (1 Corinthians 4:7-10; Rom. 12:6–8; Eph. 4:11 1 Pet. 4:11) none of them are meant to be exhaustive. Even though it might offend our individualistic tendencies the truth is that we were not given all the spiritual gifts nor are we to do all the divine activities inside the church! It is only in what God has gifted you that you can do greater things than you could ever ask or imagine! So whatever role God has assigned you do not be afraid of serving Him in this manner for God has not made a mistake, He has enabled and has guaranteed your success for His honor and glory!

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