Summary: In the "Duh" Vinci Con Dan Brown mixes old heresies and new religio-feminist dogma with his own imagination to write an adventure story … that also just happens to be an all-out attack on Christian belief.

The “Duh” Vinci Con

I Peter 3:15



Today we’re going to deal with the Dan Brown novel and Movie called the Da Vinci Code. In the Da Vinci Code Dan Brown mixes old heresies and new religio-feminist dogma with his own imagination to write an adventure story … that also just happens to be an all-out attack on Christian belief.

I guess you can see my opinion of it from the title of this sermon. Maybe you’re wondering “Why bother talking about a movie at church. No one would believe fiction over the time-tested truths of Scripture.” Haven’t you noticed that while you’re watching a good movie, you tend to “suspend belief” and get caught up in the world on that big screen. Slick packaging draws people in.

Maybe you think people now-a-days are anything but gullible. After all, we are the most educated people in history. We know better than to fall for propaganda, sales hype or superstitions … right? Here’s a little test to see if you’re gullible:

You might be gullible if you …

• Get a call that you have just won a free luxury vacation on a tropical island --- so you rush out to pick up your prize … and you come back with a condo-time-share in Eagle Pass. (Okay, I know that one from personal experience…)

• Give out your bank information on line when you get an e-mail that says: “You don’t know me, but I inherited fifty million dollars and I just need an account to deposit it in.”

• Give up eating sweetener, refined sugar, white bread, red meat, canned vegetables, processed cheese, and p-nut butter … because someone on the Internet says they give you cancer.

• Go on a big spending spree because you got a thousand dollar check in the mail … from a car dealership.

• Really believe God won’t answer your prayers unless you forward that chain letter to your 10 closest friends.

• Bet your eternal salvation on the latest religious fad in Hollywood.

I got to thinking, what would I know about God if I followed the doctrines of Hollywood. Well, I’d know he looked like George Burns and he sometimes loaned his power to people like Bruce Almighty. But then again, Shirley McClain went out on a beach and shouted, “I am god!” so where does that fit in? Maybe I’d go with New Age or try Wicca or Scientology.

And what would I believe about Jesus? From the old movies I’d know he had blue eyes and talked with a British accent. From more recent movies like The Last Temptation of Christ, I’d learn He was a tormented and sinful man who died needlessly. And from this newest Hollywood rendition…?

Well, let me summarize the premise of The Da Vinci Code. The title comes from the idea that Leonardo Da Vince left clues (a “code”) in his paintings. According to the “Code,” Church leaders have been engaged in a diabolical conspiracy for the last 2000 years.

According to Dan Brown’s novel, early Christians never believed Jesus was the Son of God. He was a Rabbi … who was married to Mary Magdalene. Their offspring were ancestors to a line of European Royalty. Jesus wanted Mary Magdalene to run the church, but Peter took it over. Then, about 300 years later, the Council of Nicaea burned a bunch of “gospels” that told the truth about Jesus and took a vote to start calling him The Son of God.

So, where does Leonardo Da Vince come in? Well --- here’s one example of the “CODE” he supposedly left in his art work: In his painting of The Last Supper, you might notice that the Apostle John has no beard. That’s because he’s actually Mary Magdalene in disguise.

The plot is far-fetched to say the least. That wouldn’t be much of a problem IF it was presented as a work of pure fiction. Instead, it is presented as if it were a well-researched expose. On page 1 of the novel, Dan Brown writes, “All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.”

As Christians, what should we do when false teaching is packaged as entertainment? If you argue against it, people may say, “Hey, lighten up. It’s just a movie.” If you picket against a movie, you’re just giving it valuable publicity. But if you ignore it, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Peter was talking about this kind of opportunity when he said, Always be ready to tell everyone who asks you why you believe as you do. Be gentle as you speak and show respect. 1 Peter 3:15 (New Life Version)

You can bet people will be talking about this movie. They may be asking you what you think about it. Speaking about this opportunity, Dr. Erwin Lutzer wrote:

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