Summary: Our world has a definition of what a real man looks like. John Wayne, Vin Diesel are people we look at as a man’s man. But God says a real man is someone who knows what it means to follow him.

Dad’s…It’s In The Genes

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Me- I have said many times to people, “The best sermon is your own testimony.” It is our stories and how God has worked in us that will help change the lives of others.

Testimony- (Rock Bottom Life)- This is the story of David told to the people as if it was a testimony i read out of Guide Post. Tell this story without saying David’s name and focus on how he grew up poor, loved music an skipping rocks, had an infectious personality, gained political power and eventually that power pushed God away and caused him to sin against God and his family. People lost their trust in him and he spent the rest of his life living for God and serving his people faithfully. God will forgive all of us when we come back to him. It doesn’t matter what we have done.

Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

We- All of us have sinned and let people down.

Pressure on man/God chose men to be leader/created Adam then Eve. Women are not less. Women are to be loved and treated with equality but someone must lead otherwise there will be chaos and so God chose men to lead in the home to lead in church’s, to lead in government.

The direction that you go is the direction that your family will go. Your priorities equal there’s.

I push you dad’s today because the stats are overwhelming… It is more likely that when a man goes to church his family will follow, but when a woman goes to church it is an uphill battle for her to get her family to go. Why? Because families are looking for dad to lead. That is how we are wired.

David understood this concept after he sinned. He made it his mission to not only make God the Lord of his life but to lead his family to a life that is driven by obedience. His last words are to his son and his words to Solomon are about learning what it means to be a real man.

God- I Kings 2:1-4

Vs. 1-2- David is dying, death is something we must all face. His time has come. He has served God the best way he knew how. God loved him so much that even through David’s sin God still called David the man after his own heart. All of us must face the reality of death and we cannot believe that we will always have tomorrow to lead our family to Christ. David wanted Solomon to understand this.

David’s hope is that Solomon will live for the Lord.

Vs. 2- Be strong- dad is not here anymore. What makes a man?

Some believe being macho(John Wayne) makes a man. That if you cry or express your feelings that you aren’t a man. You are weak.

Some believe that being a dominating husband and strict disciplinarian is being a man. Some think if there families don’t fall in line with everything they say then they are weak.

Being a man doesn’t mean making your family fear you. That is a coward.

Vs. 2b-3- A real man is someone who observes the requirements of God. A real man is a man who fears God, who loves and obeys the will of God.

Not a man that says, “My ways or the highway.” But that says, “God’s way and nothing else.” And God’s word says a lot about what makes a man.

Eph. 5:25- love your wife

Love Test For Men: Here is a test for men to see if they love their wives as Christ loves the church. Let’s pretend you and your wife on standing before God on judgement day. God says that you the husband can go to heaven and the wife must go to hell. She has no choice. But the husband has the choice to take her place in hell so she can go to heaven. Husbands do you love your wife enough that you would willingly take her place in hell so she could be in heaven? That is exactly what Christ did for the church when he took the sins of the world and put them on his shoulders. He took our place so that we could go to heaven. That is how much Christ loves us and that is how much we are to love our wives. It is an unconditional love.

Deut 11:18-20- teach your children- look for teachable moments for your kids. Not during commercial breaks but let them help you because they are watching you all the time and they will grow up to be just like you. So teach them early what it means to live for the lord.

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