Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Dance and wine was and is a natural part of celebration in the jewish culture and Jesus was very comfortable with it.

Exposing the truth of legalism (part 3)

Rev.Jose Gomez Sr.


1 : strict, literal, or excessive conformity to the law or to

a religious or moral code

that restricts free choice>


one that views things from a legal standpoint; especially :

one that places primary emphasis on legal principles or on

the formal structure of governmental institutions

dance is a natural part of the celebration of the return of

the prodigal son (Luke 15:25).

Wine is Characterised as

a. Cheering God and man. Jdj 9:13; Zec 9:17.

b. Gladdening the heart. Ps 104:15.

c. Strengthening. 2Sa 16:2; Song 2:5.

d. Making mirthful. Es 1:10; Ec 10:19.

In excess (Getting drunk)

a. Forbidden. Eph 5:18.

b. Infuriates the temper. Pr 20:1.

c. Impairs the health. 1Sa 25:37; Ho 4:11.

d. Impairs the judgment and memory. Pr 31:4,5; Isa 28:7.

e. Inflames the passions. Isa 5:11.

f. Leads to sorrow and contention. Pr 23:29,30.

g. Leads to remorse. Pr 23:31,32.

Wine was used as a drink offerings in the worship of God. Ex

29:40; Nu 15:4-10.

As a medicine. Lu 10:34; 1Ti 5:23.

Given in abundance to the Jews when obedient. Ho 2:22; Joe

2:19,24; Zec 9:17.

Shared by couples in marriege to spice up romance. Song 5:1.

Jesus falsely accused of being a drunk Matt. 11:19; Luke


Jesus turned water into wine. Joh 2:9.

Used at meals by Jesus Matt. 26:27–29; Mark 14:23.

Legalism is running rampant in churches today as in Paul’s days. It has no place in the body of Christ.

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