Summary: Daniel Chapter 7 Outline

Daniel 7

Kingdoms in Collision

1 - God turns defeats into triumphs - The temple was attacked

2 - God reveals the future - God is King of all

3 - God is the redeemer of His people - Counterfeit God

4 - God Rules over all - Reminds Nebuchadnezzar He is King

5 - God of Justice and Judgment - Vessels were defiled

6 - God is steadfast and forever - Death decree was issued

Daniel Chapter 1-6 reveals controversy between Christ and Satan

1-6 is the history of the battle of Obedience, Law of God and Worship of God.

Daniel Chapter 1-6 is a historical account of the literal battle between two kingdoms.

Daniel Chapter 7-12 is the prophetic account of the battle between the spiritual kingdoms and the attempt of Satan to get people to sin against the heavenly law of God.

Top understand Daniel Chapter 7, we must first have an understanding of the 2 sanctuaries in the Bible.

EXODUS 25:8-9

EXODUS 25:40

God instructed Moses to build the earthly sanctuary.

God showed Moses on Mt. Saini the dimensions for the earthly sanctuary.

The sanctuary was divided into 2 parts.

The first part was the Court, and the second part was the Tent.

The earthly sanctuary represented the heavenly sanctuary, and the plan of salvation.

This was the way God was preparing the people for the coming of Jesus.

In this system with the sanctuary, if a person sinned against the law of God, they had to bring a lamb that had no blemish to the sanctuary.

They then had to place a hand on the head of the lamb and confess their sin, thus transferring their sin to the lamb, and then they had to kill the lamb.

The innocent lamb without blemished died for the sinner.

The lamb was then placed on the alter and consumed with fire, while some of the blood was taken into the sanctuary.

We know now that this represents Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God.

He is our sacrifice for our sins against God.

The priest, after washing, entered the sanctuary.

He passed the table of the show bread, the bread represents Christ who is our bread of life and who nourishes us.

The priest then passed the candlesticks, (menorah) with 7 candles, which represent the 7 spirits of God.

The candles represent the light which is Christ, the light of life, the lamp unto our feet.

The priest then passed the incense which represents Christ’s fragrance rising up to heaven. His righteousness.

The priest then sprinkled the blood on the veil which lead to the holy of holies.

This is where the ark of the covenant was kept with the broken commandments.

And the sin was forgiven.

The priest represents our high priest Jesus Christ.

This earthly sanctuary represents the heavenly sanctuary.


The sanctuary in heaven is the true sanctuary.

Daniel 1-6 history of the earthly literal attack of God’s kingdom.

Daniel 7-12 prophetic spiritual attack of God’s kingdom.

What’s really going on today!


Daniel is 62 years old, this is HIS first vision.

1st year of Belshazzar

Wind and Seascape (kingdoms in collision)

Prophetic symbols:

Beasts = kings or kingdoms (DANIEL 7:17)

Sea = people or nations (REVELATION 17:15)

Wind = strife or destruction (JEREMIAH 49:26-27)

4 winds and the sea represents 4 conflicts from around the world between 4 nations of people.

Out of this war came 4 kingdoms (beasts)

4 beasts

Dan 7:2 - LION with wings like an eagle.

Gold = Babylon = Lion

When God gives prophecies, He starts where the prophets are at.

Daniel was currently under the rule of Babylon. Media Persia had not taken over the kingdom yet.

Dan 7:5 - BEAR with 3 ribs in his mouth.

Silver = Media Persia = Bear

3 ribs represent that media Persia had to defeat Babylon, Lydia and Egypt before they were to rule the world.

Dan 7:6 - LEOPARD with 4 wings and 4 heads.

Bronze (or brass) = Greece = Leopard

4 wings represent how FAST Alexander the great would conquer and become ruler.

But he then died at 33 just as fast.

The kingdom was then divided into 4 parts with 4 Generals from Alexander’s armies taking over the kingdoms.

Dan 7:7 - DRAGON with great iron teeth and 10 horns.

Iron = ROMAN EMPIRE = Dragon

Dan 2 - 4 metals = temporary man made destroyed by the ROCK carved with no hand. The ROCK who is forever.

Dan 7 - 4 Animals represent creatures who attack causing war against God’s kingdom.


Another horn comes up.

DANIEL 7:24-25

10 horns = 10 kings in Roman Empire (remember the 10 divisions in Daniel 2)

The little horn rises but is different from the others.

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