Summary: Daniel Chapter 9 outline from the Daniel Survey series.

Daniel Survey

Chapter 9 Outline

Rev. Bruce A. Shields

First Baptist Church of Tawas City Michigan

God, Always on Time

Quick Review of Daniel so far;

1 – God turns defeat into victory (Babylon overthrows Jerusalem)

2 – God is the revealer of secrets (Dream of Statue and metals)

3 – God is the redeemer of people (Golden Statue Made for Worship)

4 – God is the ruler of Kings (Nebuchadnezzar turns back to God)

5 – God is God of justice and judgment (Babylon falls to Medo Persia)

6 – God is our Deliverer (Daniel and the Lions Den)

7 – Prophetic dream of 4 beasts

8 – Daniels Prophetic dream of sanctuary animals (Ram and Goat)

God’s timing is always perfect.

God’s prophecies are always fulfilled.

When will the End of Times begin?

In Daniel Chapter 9 the angel Gabriel tells us.

The first year of Darius was 539BC, and Daniel was 83 or 84 years old.

Daniel was studying the Prophet Jeremiah and read the prophecy concerning the release of the Israelites from captivity after 70 years.

Daniel was worried because he did not see anything happening and the 70 years was about up.

So he began to pray to God. In 9:3

Daniel confessed the sins of the Israelites.

What we see here in Daniel is an explanation of the spiritual truth of Cause and Effect.



When an individuals, families or nations turn from God they forfeit God’s blessings, favor and God’s protective hand is withdrawn.

They then face trials and tribulations because of their rebellion.

The devil can now step in.

God allows his cause and effect the scriptures say so that we may turn from our rebellion and back to the truth.

Israel was taught in deep sorrow because of their rebellion.

But obedience is an easier way to be taught.

Sorrow or Joy, you can still learn from God.

Daniel was praying with his concern for when his people would leave captivity and return to Jerusalem to continue the sacrifices and worship of God.

Gabriel comes down to Daniel to show when God’s people will leave their world of bondage and worship God not in the earthly temple, but in the real heavenly sanctuary.

Daniel saw something, not about the earthly sanctuary and the restoration of worship for the Jews, but the end of times when true worship was restored just before the coming of Christ.

9:21 (The reference is to the vision from Daniel Chapter 8)

Gabriel came to explain the vision, the 2300 days and the cleansing of the sanctuary.

Gabriel says this vision applies to the end of times.

In 8:27 Daniel still did not understand the vision.

9:22 – I am now here so you can understand

9:23 Daniel was greatly beloved.

1 Prophetic day is 1 literal year.

2300 days = 2300 years

9:24 - 70 weeks > 7 days X 70 weeks = 490 Prophetic Days

490 Prophetic days = 490 literal years.

This 490 Years (from the 2300) applies to the Jews.

9:25 Know and Understand

When you see this decree (the temple and sacrifices restored), restored worship in Jerusalem, this is the beginning of the 490 years for the Jews.

The Decree – Ezra 7:13 & 7:27 (Decree made in 457BC)

After 69 weeks the Messiah will appear.

457BC > (69 weeks - 7 days X 69 weeks = 483 Prophetic Days)

483 Prophetic days = 483 literal years from 457BC the Messiah would appear.

So in 27AD (because there was no year 0) the Messiah would appear.

In 27AD Jesus was baptized and received the Holy Spirit. He was set aside by God the Father for the ministry.

Luke 3:1 (the 15th year of Tiberius’ reign was 27AD)

Luke 3:21 – 22

Jesus was now the Messiah.

9:26 Jesus was cut off (Crucified not for himself but us)

In 70AD Titus destroyed the temple in Jerusalem.

Earths sanctuary was desolated because of the crucifixion of Jesus and the rejection of Him as the Messiah.

After the 69 prophetic weeks (literal years) there would be 1 prophetic week (literal 7 years) beginning in 27AD.

In the middle of this week (3 ½ Years) the Messiah was cut off (crucified)

In 31AD

Christ confirmed the covenant in the midst of the week and caused all sacrifices to cease (Because He was the perfect sacrifice and no more were needed)

Jesus died according to God’s will and prophecy.

According to Daniel, God’s covenant would end after the 70 weeks (years) which would take us to 34AD.

Jews were no longer God’s chosen people.

In 34AD Stephen, the first Christian martyr, was stoned to death because the Jewish leaders rejected the Gospel and it then was taken to the Gentiles.

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