Summary: Daniel is given a view of world history and and introduction to the future coming of the Antichrist

Daniel Chapter 7-Daniel’s World History Vision

[Pivotal Chapter of the Book]

I. The Vision of the Four Beast Empires & The Ancient of Days (v.1-14)

A.The Time and Circumstances of the Vision (v.1-3)

B.The First Beast Empire: Babylon [Lion-like] (v.4)

C.The Second Beast Empire: Medo-Persia [Bear-like] (v.5)

D.The Third Beast Empire: Greece [Leopard-like] (v.6)

E.The Fourth Beast Empire: Roman [Dreadful, Terrible, Ten-Horned Monster-like] (v.7,8)

F.The Ancient of Days Judgment, Son of man & The Eternal Kingdom of God (v.9-14)

II. The Vision Explained in Brief (v.15-18)

A.Daniel’s Condition and Question (v.15,16)

B.Daniel’s Answer from the Angel (v.17,18)

III. The Vision Explained in Detail (v.19-28)

A.The Truth of the Fourth Beast (v.19-21)

1.Diverse from all the others (v.7,19; Revelation 17:12)

2.Exceeding dreadful (v.7,19; Revelation 13:1ff)

3.Ten horns/kings (v.7,20,24; Revelation 12:3, 13:1,17:3)

4.Before whom three fell (v.8,20,24; Ezekiel 38:1-3)

5.Spoke very great things (v.8,11,20,25; II Thessalonians 2:3-12)

6.Look was more stout than his fellows (v.20; Revelation 17:13)

7.Made war with the saints (v.21; Revelation 13:7)

B.The Ancient of Days Judgment & The Eternal Kingdom Possessed by the Saints (v.22)

C.The Fourth Beast/Kingdom Description Continued (v.23-26)

1.Devours the whole earth (v.19,23; Revelation 13:7,16:7,17:12)

2.Treads it down (v.23; Revelation 13:7,11-17)

3.Breaks it in pieces (v.23)

4.Made up of ten horns/kings (v. 7,20,24; Revelation 12:3,13:1,17:13)

5.Another (king, Antichrist) shall rise after them (v.24)

6.Diverse from the first (ten kings) (v.19,24)

7.Subdues three kings (v.8,20,24; Ezekiel 38:1-3)

8.Speaks great words against the Most High (v.8,11,20,25; II Thessalonians 2:3-12)

9.Shall wear out the saints (v.25)

10.Changes the times and laws (v.25)

11.They shall be given into his hand (v.25)

12.His dominion shall be taken away (v.11,26; Revelation 19:19,20)

D. The Everlasting Kingdom Given to the People of the Saints (v.27,28; Revelation 20:4-6)

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