Summary: Outline showing how the Lord prepared Daniel for his life in Babylon

Daniel’s Preparation for Babylonian Captivity-First Sixteen Years in Judah

1. Born into the Royal Family of Judah (Daniel 1:3,6) [Great-great grandsons of Hezekiah/Kings Seed-Josephus]

2. Raised during Great Revival/Reforms of Josiah one of Judah’s Godliest Kings (II Chron 34,35)

*Idolatry thoroughly purged from entire kingdom (II Chron 34:1-7) [Cleansing]

*House of the Lord was repaired and amended (II Chron 34:8-13) [Construction]

*Book of the Law was found and greatly honored (II Chron 34:14-28) [Contrition/Counsel]

*Covenant made by Josiah w/all present to obey Word of God (II Chron 34:29-33) [Covenant]

*Greatest Passover since Samuel the prophet kept by all in the kingdom (II Chron 35:1-19) [Commitment]

3. Prophecy concerning the children of Hezekiah provided Daniel/King’s family w/insight (Isaiah 39:6-8)

4. Knowledge of Scripture/Joseph’s Trials/Testings 1300 years earlier (Eight Parallels of Joseph & Daniel)

5. Confidence in being selected/chosen by God to represent Him and people of Israel (Daniel 1/Isaiah 39:6-8)

Daniel’s Childhood Preparation Produced (8) Outstanding Character Traits

1. Self-control (1:8, 10:3)

2. Courage (1:12; 5:22)

3. Integrity (6:4)

4. Humility (2:30, 10:17)

5. Vision (7:9,12; 10:5,6)

6. Holiness/Righteousness (1:8)

7. Faith (1:12-16; 2:16)

8. Discipline (6:10)

Daniel’s Godly Appeal

1. Appeals with a right attitude (1:12) [Please let us be proved…]

*Not contentious

*Not condemning

*Not condescending

*Not coercive

2. Offers a reasonable alternative (1:12) [Ten days…give us pulse (veggies, seeds, grain, lentils) to eat]

3. Gives final say to his master/not demanding (1:13) [As thou seest, deal with thy servants]

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