Summary: His position, purpose, peril, piety and Promotion

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Sermon Daniel’s Purpose

Daniel 1:8

I. His Position

In the court of Babylon

A Captive

Away from Home

II. His Purpose

He as true to a godly education. No student could have stood this test had he not be thoroughly well taught

He was true to conscience

He was true to the word of God

He was true to his brethren

Had he failed doubtless they would of been

E. He was true to His God

III.His Peril

He does not speak of it as disobedience to God - Though he felt it to be that

Nor does he speak of it as disobedience to parents - It was that

But as defiling himself - every wrong thought, feeling, word, deed defiles one’s self

IV His Piety

It was old fashioned - based on the Word of God - nourished by prayer

It was real - come what may - he would not sin

It was fruitful - who can measure the influence of that one life

V. His Promotion - By the Grace of God he rose

From slavery to liberty

From obscurity to highest fame

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