Summary: INVISIBLE… There’s more to life than what you see. The invisible is all around us. What we can’t see physically is real. As a matter of fact often more real, more substantive than what we can actually see.

This is from a transcript of a sermon preached by Dr. Jack Graham on September 18, 2011

We got back from Israel this past week, about 15 of us, including 10 of our young ministers. We had an incredible time walking where Jesus walked and experiencing those sights once again. I’ve been to Israel many, many times, but it never fails to move me and to grow me in my walk with Christ. And so I am happy to announce by the way that at the end of 2012, next year, right after Christmas, on December 26 we’re going to be taking a group from our church and our friends to Israel. So you may want to write that down. Again, that’s right after Christmas December 2012.

But, getting back, we hit it running. It’s been an incredible week with the opening of our Dallas Campus Bible study Connections, with our first Connection service on Wednesday night. Had a fantastic group there! Along with all that’s going on in our Plano and our North Campus. This afternoon a generation celebration of what we’re doing at our North Campus. Dinner on the ground celebration of the beginning of construction there, an outdoor baptism. We’re going to be preaching and singing and celebrating at our North Campus. And then everything that’s going on at our Dallas Campus and right here in Plano. This is an incredibly exciting time!

We had our first Men’s Bible Study. You know, Men’s Bible Study is really critical to who we are as a church; getting our men in the Word. And one of the ways we do that is our Men’s Bible Study on Friday morning; 6:30 every Friday morning, guys. Up north Marc Rylander teaches that; right here in Plano, Neal Jeffrey, the great Neal Jeffrey, teaches that. And this past week Tony Evans launched us at our Dallas Campus. Four hundred men showed up and we had a great time. This week Jonathan Evans, Yeah, go ahead. Let’s celebrate those guys!

And Jonathan Evans this week who is a former fullback for the Baylor Bears, who are making a name for themselves this year, I might add. And we celebrate that, but Jonathan Evans is the son of Dr. Tony Evans and Lois Evans, our dear friends. He’ll be speaking this Friday morning. He is also the chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys along with David Shivers, our own Men’s minister who is with the team out in San Francisco. So hopefully, hopefully he’s going to help get us a win today. But David Shivers is there. Jonathan Evans will be teaching our Men’s Bible Study on Friday morning. And then Gary Frazier of Discovery Ministry who leads us on our tours of Israel… trips to Israel. He’s going to be talking about God’s Word and America and the future of America related to biblical prophecy. That’s also good.

It’s been a great week personally for our family. I’m excited to announce that our daughter Kelly is announcing her engagement to Jason Flores and she’s going to be married in April, and we’re very excited about Kelly’s engagement. And so yeah, you can do that! And so it’s been a great high-octane week for the Graham family, team Graham, and for the Prestonwood team as we are moving from victory to victory.

Take your Bibles, open your Bibles with me to the book of Ephesians, chapter 6. And we begin a new series today. Welcome to all of you who are watching online by the way. We have a large congregation online around the world. So we invite you to join us as well.

INVISIBLE… There’s more to life than what you see. The invisible is all around us. What we can’t see physically is real. As a matter of fact often more real, more substantive than what we can actually see.

Now we know that there are many things that are real that we can’t see: gravity is real; it is a law of creation that God has designed… the law of gravity. You only demonstrate the law of gravity, one fellow said, “I think I’m going to go up on the building, jump off and break the law of gravity.” Well, you don’t break the law of gravity; you’re broken on the law of gravity, if you jump too high. And so gravity is a real powerful force. We know there are biochemical forces in the world, even in our bodies, that we cannot see. There are all kinds of invisible experiences in life mystery kinds of experiences in life. And the Bible talks about this invisible world because it is connected, so connected to the visible world. The invisible and eternal world is vitally connected to the current temporary and physical world.

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