Summary: As we unpack the story of David's Sin with Bathsheba we will uncover the path that we need to take when we really mess up.

David, A Hero Who Really Messed Up


OKAY… Maple Grove are you ready to open up and dig into the Word of God?

NOW - we are in this Summer of 2016 series, ‘Heroes, Amazing Stories Of Faith…’ SO FAR – in this series we have talked about

• Noah – a dad who saved His family

• Moses – a guy who like has was called to be a deliverer

• Daniel – a guy who remained faithful to God for 70+ years despite living in an ungodly culture

• Ruth – a hero who taught us about redemption

• Gideon – an unlikely hero who had an unlikely victory

• David – a hero who defeated his giant

• Elijah – a hero who did not waver

NOW THIS MORNING – we are going to job another lap with David… AND – just a heads up this is a PG chapter in David’s life… Bottom Line…

IF – you have younger kids with you – you may want to be prepared to answer some questions. AND – don’t send them to me…

BECAUSE - I’ll just send them right back to you.

OR – this would be a great time to take them to our awesome children’s ministry.

NOW – a few weeks back we looked at an event in David’s life that he is probably best known for…

THAT - classic one-on-one contest with the giant Goliath.

Where David taught us how to defeat the giants in our life.

We Must Face Them by

overcoming fear, naysayers and procrastination

We Must Visualize The Reward

What would your life look like if your giant wasn't there?

We Must Anchor Our Confidence In God

To David what really mattered was not the size of his giant, but the size of his God.

How David made his God bigger…

He remembered past victories

He pursued a deep relationship with God

YEAH – the picture we see of David in the first 3 quarters of his life is pretty amazing…

A skilled soldier, a loyal friend, a faithful son, a servants heart, a great King, and an extremely passionate (worshipper and follower) of God.

HOWEVER – the 4th and final quarter of David’s life second half isn’t so good.

IT - was not as noble. Not as God honoring.

IT – was full of lies, secrets, scandals and conspiracies.

IN FACT – it was a train wreck that would result in his family going down in flames, in every imaginable way…

AND LISTEN – most of the trials that David went through during this time were of his own making…

People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the LORD. – Proverbs 19:3

IN OTHER WORDS – people get themselves into trouble and they get mad at God…

BUT UNDERSTAND – this is one thing that David never does.

AGAIN – David taught us some powerful truths a few weeks back about defeating the giants in our lives…

AND THIS MORNING – this not so good, event in David’s life is going to help us (you and I) defeat a giant that is even bigger than Goliath…

YOU KNOW – when I step into this chapter of David’s life, I am really grateful that God finished writing Scripture 2000 years ago. Aren’t you?

I MEAN – who in this room would want to have their sins and failures recorded for all generations to…

Read, discuss, make movies about, write books on –

And preach sermons on down through the centuries.

YEAH – no sin, other than Adam and Eve, has received more press than this one… David’s sin with Bathsheba.


The Story

Act 1: Sin

(1 Samuel 11:1-5)

AS – chapter 11 of 2 Samuel opens up David is probably between the ages of 50 and 55…

AND – over the years…

HE HAD – distinguished himself as a man of God, as a composer of Psalms, as a faithful shepherd, as a valiant warrior on the battlefield, and as a great leader of God’s people.

SO UNDERSTAND – as we look at this segment in David’s life, we are not examining the life of some wild rebel or sexual pervert.

BUT RATHER – a guy who really messed up, fell into a period of sin that had devastating consequences for his life, his family his reign and his nation.

YES – David is the ‘poster guy’ for the truth that…

Sin always takes us further than we want to go

Keeps you longer than you want to stay

And costs you more than you were expecting to pay

In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war,

Awe look, the flowers are blooming, the sky is blue, the breeze is gentle and cool, the birds are singing – what do say, we go kill some people.

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