Summary: The Battle of David and Goliath.

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After young David had been employed by King Saul

For occasional service of the court as musician and

Armor bearer, and many years after the defeat of the

Philistines at Michmash –THE war making heathens

Decided to start another war against Israel..

Their armies had marched to a village of the hill

Country between the mountains of Judah and the plains of

The Mediterranean which was about 11 miles south

Of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Here they were camped and ready for battle, they

Were along a range of low hills facing one of the

Fertile plains called Elah.

The armies of Israel were camping on the range of hills

On the opposite side of the valley.

Young David had such great confidence because of his experience of the Lords previous deliverance’s on his


God wasn’t going to allow his reputation to be damaged

by this Philistine.

And David had great faith that God would again deliver him from the evil SNARE!!!!

David had already been through an EYE OPENING

Faith builder,- with him going up against a Lion and

A Bear – and the Lord delivering him from both, He now had the confidence that he would be VICTORIOUS!!!!

Against this giant Philistine Goliath!!!!

Goliath was the champion of the Philistine Army – and he

Was known as a great warrior.

He was nearly nine feet tall and he wore armor made

Of metal which over-lapped like the scales of fish.

And He weighed over 300 pounds.

He protected his head with a helmet of Brass

And had the lower part of his legs covered with

Heavy metal guards.

He carried a spear over his shoulder and a five feet

Long sword that weighed twenty five pounds!!!

The way I understand this from my studies – back in

These days it was a normal occurrence that when two

Armies were in position for battle – but dared not to

Attack – a champion from each side would meet and

Battle it out in single combat

And further it was agreed that victory would belong

To the army whose champion won in this single combat

Every day Goliath marched out on the plain between the

Two armies and scornfully challenged the Israelites

To send out their champion to fight with him.

For Forty days he ridiculed and contempted the

Armies of the israelites – he taunted them telling

Them they were cowards – because they didn’t have anyone with enough courage to send out in battle.

During all this time King Saul who had once led

Israel in killing 40,000 Philistines in one day – sat

Cowering in weakness while this on soldier Goliath

Held the whole Israelite Army in Check!!!!


Why this Huge Difference??

Because in the previous victory the Noble Prince

Named Jonathan was anointed by the Spirit of God

And King Saul had taken advantage of the Confusion caused by his exploit to be triumphant.

At this point the lord had withdrawn from King Saul

And Jonathan was rejected by his un-grateful Father

And they no longer had the courage to fight and the Lord was no longer with King Saul!!!!!


Our help is in the name of the Lord

Who made Heaven and Earth!


Because thou hast been my help

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