Summary: How could David cool his heels in the devil’s waiting room????? I remember two words just now:Fear and Impulsiveness.

Cooling my heels in the waiting room!

1 Samuel 27:3 “And David lived with Achish at Gath, he and his men, each with his household, even David…”

Did I hear it right? Can I hear it again please? Yes, here we go, “David lived with Achish at Gath”. Wait a minute! What is David doing at Gath, which is the home town of Goliath, the giant whom David killed in a jiffy with 5 stones? The incredible victory that won him not only accolades, appreciation but it took him to the palace of king Saul. Oh! Ah! How could he even think of stepping into the town of the Philistines?? How could David cool his heels in the devil’s waiting room????? I remember two words just now:

• Fear

• Impulsiveness

The above two can drag you to the deepest pit! Listen! A young girl, just not an ordinary girl, but a water-baptized, Bible-reading, church-going Christian girl had a relationship with a boy who promised to marry her. When the family did not approve of her relationship, a wicked plot was planned along with her boyfriend and one fine day she ran away from home only to find her boyfriend ditch her terribly. Alas! The boyfriend did not turn up, she did not have the face to return home so she fell into a deeper, hotter pit. A family friend, who was a married man with a kid offered to take a room for her and take care of her, she fell prey for the fake kindness, eventually an adulterous relationship started between them which led to her giving birth to a son with this man. After few years, when she read my devotions, she wanted to be free but the man thrashed her and tortured her. Punishment follows disobedience. Cooling heels in the devil’s waiting room! Wait a minute, don’t swiftly judge, this can happen to anyone! Caveat!

When the leader makes a mistake the entire team suffers, like in the case of David, the 600 men with David went along with their entire household, eventually we read in 1 Samuel chapter 30 verse 1 that Ziglag was burning and the enemy ‘ took captive the women and all who were in it, both small and great..’ Finally God got the attention of David in the midst of the fire, verse 6 says, ‘But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God.’ Do not run from God!

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