Summary: What to do when we feel there is no hope.


Psalm 63

School is about to start again. During the summer months those who have finished High School have been trying to find a summer job that will allow them to save some money “for College”.

Now the dates are getting closer and school is just around the corners. There are sales of School supplies every where and summer begins to fade off as a past memory.

I would like to invite you today to a special University.

This is not just any University it is “U G D”. The University of God in the Dessert.

Many good students have graduated from that school.

One of the famous ones is Moses who had to spend 40 years with his classmates and when he finally graduated went to occupy a special place in the palace of the King.

Another great student was Elijah, who after finishing all his assignments had a special chariot of fire for his graduation day taking him to be present with the Great Master.

We could talk about many others, but today in particular I would like to talk to you about David

Sometimes the dessert is the consequence of our own failures, our sins makes us feel unworthy and we walk away from God. David suffered something like that.

In 2nd Samuel 12:10-12 we read the sentence pronounced by God for David’s sin.

Later on his beloved son Absalom rebels against him

In chapter 15:12-13 Absalom steals the people’s heart and finally in verse 14 David flees from him.

David believes this is all the consequence of his sin. To make matters worst as we get to chapter 16, Shimei son of Gera of the house of David, comes to meet David and curse him and threw stones at him in front of all his followers (16:5-8)

By now he feels very bad, and yet is not over. Do you remember God’s sentence? Well....16:20-22.

What do you do when you are in the middle of the dessert, all alone, and you know it is your fault?

It seems like David lost his wives, his fellowship with God and men, and his kingdom. It seems he is at the end of the rope and there is nothing else in him.

Have you ever felt that way?

What do you do?

What did David do?

Have you been in the dessert?

David has, and this is what he did.

I He cries to God and acknowledges Him as the desire of his heart – Psalm 63:1-4

Verse 1 – He can see the city which is not too far, he can see the life that it was taken from him.

Verse 2 - He remembers his past victories, but that is all gone.

Verse 3 – He then realizes that God’s loving-kindness is always there no matter what

Verse 4 – He knows all he’s got is God, so he holds fast to Him and he will find out that he does not need anything else apart from God.

David a. Renews his commitment to God

b. Renews his appetite for God

c. Renews his desire for God

Many times God allows us to reach “the end of the rope” so that the only thing we have left is God and we have to hold fast to Him and say: “You are all I got, without you I have nothing, I need you”

II He cries to God and acknowledges Him as his joy – 63: 5-8

Verses 5-6 He focuses in God. He can do that by reading, meditating God’s Word. We need not only to read or know God’s work, but also to meditate. That means to “chew on” it to get all the nutrients that our soul needs to be able to rejoice in the Lord in spite of the things we are facing.

Verse 7 – We find all this out when we are alone with the Lord. He saved us, personally, to have a personal relation with us. He wants to fellowship with us personally. Alone you and God, in the dessert, right in the middle of nowhere. Away from all the pressures and distractions of our daily life.

II He cries to God and acknowledges Him as his protection – 63: 9-11

Verses 9-11 After we have worshipped God, once we have acknowledge our need of Him, and the fact that without Him we are capable of nothing. Once we have totally depended on Him, then and only then we begin to relax and understand. He not always gives us all the answers, but certainly He gives us enough of Him to be secure and in peace

The most wonderful thing is that after repentance comes restoration, and God will do that with David, and he will have the victory.

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