Summary: Avoiding Temptation & Sin, Decisions, Confession

OUT OF WEAKNESS…STRENGTH - David: “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up”

2 Samuel 11:1-5 (p. 214) August 20, 2017


Have you ever met someone who looks for a reason to say, “Gotcha.” Someone who finds some weird happiness in catching you in something?

I heard about a minister who addressed his congregation one Sunday morning by saying, “There is a certain man among us who is cheating on his wife…unless he puts 50 dollars in the collection plate today I’ll read his name from the pulpit next week!”

After the service the treasurer showed the collection plate to the preacher…in it were 15 50 dollar bills and a 20 with a note attached to it, “other 30 pay day!”

That preacher wanted to be able to say, “Gotcha!” and profit from it. I’ve met a lot of people in my life who like to say, “Gotcha,” when it comes to sin…other people’s sins.

Our God is not a God that relishes saying, “Gotcha.” There is nothing dark or evil in His character, nor does He tempt anyone to sin. He doesn’t want us to fall into temptation. He is a righteous God that desires that we be holy, even as He is holy. He knows the consequences of disobedience and wants to spare His children of hurt, brokenness and guilt.

Satan is the author of temptation according to scripture…Ephesians 6:11 tells us…“Our struggle (and it’s real) is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

It’s why in the verse before, God’s people are cautioned: “To put on the full armor of God, so we can take our stand against the devil’s schemes.”

The enemy of humankind isn’t another human…even the most wicked and fallen…our enemy is the spiritual forces of darkness, led by Satan himself and his minions. And please know, this unholy General plans his attacks. He looks for breeches in our walls of defense. He aims his flaming arrows at open spots in our armor.

He did just this in David’s life! You remember David as a teenager don’t you? Anointed by Samuel, even as the youngest of Jesse’s sons…standing before Goliath without armor with 5 rocks and a sling…and God gives him the victory…David was a shepherd and a musician…but he becomes such a mighty warrior for Israel they give him a song…Pretty cool to have your own song…it went like this “Hey, Hey, Hey, Saul’s killed his thousands but David…Hey, Hey, Hey has killed his 10,000’s.” (I made up the Hey, Hey, Hey part.)

David is called in scripture “A man after God’s own heat.” Is there any better thing to be? NO. He brings Israel to peace, prosperity and power…Even to this day the star of David is Israel’s symbol. But trouble is waiting for David on a rooftop. Satan is scheming and laying a trap…and we should learn a spiritual lesson about sin, temptation and God’s grace this morning.

First of all:


It’s springtime in our text…the time after winter when kings go to war…David is a warrior king…God has used him to subdue the Philistines and others. He’s shed blood, that’s why God will not allow him to build the temple but uses his son Solomon. It’s one of the reasons God has called David to power…but instead of leading his soldiers into battle, he stays home and send Joab. This King should have been with his soldiers, but he remains in Jerusalem instead.

He put himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

[In the early days of my youth ministry I was so wet behind the ears I should have carried towels with me. I had ideas of saving the world (not a bad idea), but along with that I believed I should help everyone who struggle immediately. The minister I served with was elderly, so many times younger couples would reach out to me…one night I got a call from a young woman who asked if I could help her and her husband…They were really struggling in their marriage…I told Kari what was going on…got on my motorcycle and headed to their house…I walked up to the door, knocked on it and the woman opened it…she said, “My husband’s not here, she was wearing a white negligee and she asked me to come in. Folks I instantly knew I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was very little temptation because it scared me so badly. I stammered out “I’ve got to go.” I ran and got on my motorcycle and raced home, wrecking it through a fence on the way. I told Kari what had happened immediately.]

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