Summary: This is Part 2 of looking at the life of David. This is part of the sermon series "Close Encounters" where we're looking at the lives some of the great Bible characters. The outline is: 1)David's Sin With Bathsheba, and 2)David's Sin In Numbering The P



This morning, we are continuing with our sermon series on CLOSE ENCOUNTERS

You say, “Pastor, you’ve been preaching on this for a long time, how much longer are you going to preach on this?”


Because I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for…

--an old fashioned

--heaven sent

--Holy Ghost revival


And one of the most definite ways to have them is to look at the lives of those who’ve had them

And that’s what we’ve been doing in this series, and already we’ve looked at…





--4 Great Women, last week

And a couple of weeks ago, we began by looking at the life of David, and last time, we covered basically the first half of his life

But today, we’re going to be looking at the last half of David’s life and we’re going to learn some more lessons on how to have CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD

And with that in mind, let’s read…

Acts 13:36 ( KJV ) 36For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell on sleep, and was laid unto his fathers, and saw corruption:


In our message last time, we talked about…

--how Samuel the Prophet called David out from tending the sheep and anointed him to be king over Israel

--how he went out and destroyed the giant, Goliath

--how he became the object of King Saul’s wrath, and literally had to run for his life

--how he found himself in a Cave, called Adullam, and how that in that cave, 400 men gathered themselves to David, and went on to become mighty men, themselves

--how David had a chance to kill Saul, but would not strike the Lord’s anointed, and how that was a great lesson on “Biblical Submission to Authority”

--how finally, Saul dies and David reigns in Hebron for 7 years, and then, finally, at the age of 40, David is CORONATED KING over all Israel

And one of the GREATEST lessones we learned from David’s life is that sometimes, it dosen’t happen in 2 weeks when God…

--calls you

--gives you a promised


--a time (we’re concerned about TIME, when God is more concerned about TIMING)

--a process

--some things we have to go through

Now, in preaching that first message on DAVID, I did not have time to go into David’s friendship with Jonathon, who was King Saul’s son, in 1 Samuel 18

And there’s a beautiful story where Jonathan strips himself before David, of his sword and bow, and how that typifies our surrender to Christ

And you know, there’s a lot of people out there who teach and preach that you can know Christ as Savior, but not take Him as Lord

Well, in the New Testament, He’s called “Savior” 24 times, but He’s called Lord over 400 times

There’s no such thing as taking Him as Savior and not as Lord

He’s either Lord of All, or not Lord at All, and really, you don’t accept Him has Lord, you fall on your knees and strip yourself before Him and say, MY LORD AND MY GOD!

And we don’t have time to go into that

And neither do I have time to go into DAVID’S INITIAL FIGHT WITH THE ENEMY in 2 Samuel 5

How that one time, David asked God, “shall I pursue”, and God said “YES”, and then another time, David asked and God said, “WAIT UNTIL YOU HERE A SOUND IN THE MULBERRY BUSHES”

And that’s a great lesson in learning to serve God because it teaches us that though God never changes, SOMETIMES HIS STRATEGY DOES!

And we can’t just assume that the way He did things yesterday is the way He will do them today

And then, neither do I have time to go into the fact that David wanted to build a temple, which God told him no

And that tells us that at times we can want to do things, even SPIRITUAL things, but every God-idea is not a GOOD IDEA

There’s really, so much I could go into in the life of David, and there’s no question that HE HAD CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD

But things were not always RIGHT and PERFECT in David’s life

And if you will remember, one of the MAIN THINGS I’ve been teaching you is that no matter…

--who you are

--where you’ve been

--what you’ve done

--what’s in the past

--your sins, mistakes, shortcomings and failures


And this is never more true than in the life of David

Because, when we last left David…

--he has already ascended to the throne of Israel

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