Summary: Psalm 5 gives us some great insight about devotion.

Ps. 5 David’s Insights into Daily Devotions

Intro:David in this psalms tells about his daily

devotional schedule. In order to live a victorious life,

all Christians need a habit of going to Christ on a

daily bases. Let’s take a look at some of these insights.

I. In The Morning - Indicates.{3}

A. A set time for Devotions.

B. He has learned the best time for Devotions.


C. He has Planned Regular Devotions. - Daily

II. What These Devotions Include.

A. Meditation - {1} “my meditation”- solitude

B. Communion - {1} “My word”

C. Supplication - {3} “My voice You will hear”

D. Adoration - {3} “I will look up”

E. Separation - {7} “I will come into Your house”

F. Reverence - {7} “In fear (respect) of You I will


III. What Were The Benefits Derived.

A. Mercy - {7} - “in the multitude of Your mercy”

B. Leadership - {8} - “Lead me, O Lord, in Your


C. Faith - {11} - “who put their trust in You”

D. Joy - {11} - “let them ever shout for joy”

E. Protection - {11} - “You defend them”

F. Blessing - {12} - “For You, O Lord,will bless

the righteous”

G. Favor - {12} - “with favor You will surround

him as with a shield”

Con.There is a suggestion in all this. That suggestion

is we will be closer to the dwelling place of God. We

can be in He presence. What a wonderful thing, to be

closer to Christ. {rd 7}

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